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The Slow Down Diet Eating for Pleasure Energy and Weight Loss

Posted Oct 14 2010 4:14pm

The Slow Down Diet Eating for Pleasure Energy and Weight Loss

A revolutionary approach to enhancing metabolism that enables lasting weight loss and facilitates spiritual well-being

• Presents an eight-week weight-loss program

• Explains how relaxed eating stimulates metabolic function and how stress hormones encourage weight gain

• Shows how fully enjoying each meal is the optimal way to a healthy body

Our modern culture revolves around fitting as much as possible into the least amount of time. As a result, most people propel themselves through life at a dizzying pace that is contrary to a healthy lifestyle. We eat fast, on the run, and often under stress, not only removing most of the pleasure we might derive from our food and creating digestive upset, but also wreaking havoc on our metabolism. Many of us come to the end of a day feeling undernourished, uninspired, and overweight.

In The Slow Down Diet Marc David presents a new way to understand our relationship to food, focusing on quality and the possibilities of pleasure in eating to transform and improve metabolism. Citing cutting-edge research on body biochemistry as well as success stories from his own nutritional counseling practice, he shows that we are creatures of body, mind, and spirit and that when we attend to these levels simultaneously we can shed excess pounds, increase energy, and enhance digestion to feel rejuvenated and inspired. Marc David presents an eight-week program that allows readers to explore their unique connection to food, assisting them in letting go of their fears, guilt, and old habits so they can learn to treat their bodies in a dignified and caring way. He reveals the shortcomings of all quick-fix digestive aids and fad diets and debunks common nutrition myths, such as “the right way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.” He shows instead how to decrease cortisol and other stress-hormones and boost metabolic power through proper breathing and nutritional strategies that nourish both the body and soul, proving that fully enjoying each meal is the optimal way to a healthy body. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in nutritional medicine, the psychology of eating, and the science of yoga, Marc David offers readers practical tools that will yield life-transforming, sustainable results.

5 Stars Radiant Soul in a Biologic Spacesuit
I’m 60 years old and have been looking for “the” answer to my see-sawing weight for 35 of them … and then along came The Slow Down Diet.

To put what I got out of this books in a nutshell is simply to say that I now live from life being amazing, wonderous, miraculous and magical. For the greater portion of mine, I lived my life with a lot of personal constraints, with ‘guilt’ being a major one. I see myself as having beaten myself up for years with dieting and punishing exercising so that I could make myself more acceptable. Of course, it never worked.

The book points the way to forgiveness (I know – strange in a book about Weight loss) and honoring myself … my soul, through honoring it’s transportation method (the biological spacesuit – my body), by offering my body the best nutrition possible eaten without critique of it or self (you can’t keep a car running like new with old oil), and appreciating my body for the wonderful and amazing job it does every day to keep me alive to experience life.

I loved the book. It opened my eyes in so many ways.

5 Stars Lotus Guide Magazine Review
The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, and Weight Loss

By Marc David

ISBN: 1-59477-060-3

In easy-to-understand language, Marc David gives you the tools on “how” to eat, not “what.” In what’s referred to as an “Eight-Week Breakthrough Program,” he guides you through eight stages of awareness in eating called universal metabolizers, which are
Relaxation–The slower you eat, the faster you metabolize.

Quality–No matter what you eat, choose the highest-quality version of that food.

Awareness–The less aware we are of the meal when we eat, the more the brain send signals for more food.

Rhythm–Digestive and calorie-burning metabolism is strongest when the sun is highest (lunchtime) and weakest in the late evening.

Pleasure–A pleasurable experience of a meal enhances nutrient absorption.

Thought–Positive or negative thoughts directly affect digestion through nerve pathways, hormones, neuropeptides, and other biosubstances.

Story–By rewriting our stories we can literally transform health, improve digestion, and enhance calorie-burning capacity.

Sacred–Ritual offers access to the metachemistry of the sacred.

This, along with what he calls “Vitamin O” for oxygen and “Vitamin P” for pleasure, will transform your relationship with food, which is also your relationship with life.

Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide

Dhara’s Active Meditation

5 Stars Transforming Perspective
If you fully digest and and integrate the wisdom and habits described in this book, you will transform your relationship with food, your health, and your perspective on nourishment. I cannot recommend this book enough. I have read extensively on the topics of nutrition and wellness, and this book filled a void for me by helping me connect with the spiritual and physiological processes of eating, and to reclaim the joy of nourishment while simultaneously eliminating a history of troubling digestive issues.

5 Stars KISS (Keep It Simple, Slim)
Finally, someone wrote a ‘diet’ book that addresses basic information that can benefit every person regardless of their individual needs and food preferences. And it is so simple and easy to adapt, because it is so natural and makes common sense. Learning to slow down and listen to the body is also incredibly liberating. Letting go of guilt makes this process pleasurable. Marc David’s writing comes from the heart, soul, mind and whole body. I recommend it to anyone who eats food.

5 Stars Educational, Practical, and Inspiring–A must read
Although I am well versed in good nutrition, I found Marc David’s book, The Slow Down Diet, wonderfully insightful, educational, and even inspirational. His coverage of the eight metabolic factors in nutrition, energy, and weight loss transcends traditional approaches to dieting and nutritional eating, and takes our understanding of these areas to a much higher level. He convincingly shows the power of relaxation, food quality, awareness, rhythm, pleasure, thought, story, and the sacred in how we assimilate nutrition, and how these qualities affect our overall health. He places what we eat and how we eat it into the context of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. His wholistic and systemic approach is something I have benefited from, and which will be of value to everyone. In fact, the understanding he provides is critical to our society with its burgeoning health problems. The secret is eating and living in such a way that most health problems can be prevented. This is so much better for ourselves and our society than depending on a broken health care system to fix our broken bodies.

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