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The Skinny On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success

Posted Sep 26 2010 1:01am

The Skinny On Losing Weight Without Being Hungry The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Success

Tried diet after diet and still can’t lose weight? It’s time to call the expert. In The Skinny, Dr. Louis Aronne, America’s top weight-loss specialist, shares the plan that has worked so well for his many patients. Through his friendly guidance, you’ll finally learn how to:

stop the weight-loss, weight-gain cycle
learn the strategy for feeling full with fewer calories
teach your brain to stop craving food
learn to put down your fork and automatically push away from the table—without counting a single calorie
learn what common medications and medical conditions can make you gain weight
lose the weight—even if nothing else has worked

Dr. Louis Aronne is the expert whom doctors refer their toughest cases to. For more than twenty years he’s worked on the front lines of obesity research and treatment. The founder and director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York–Presbyterian Hospital /Weill Cornell Medical Center, he has helped thousands of people achieve lasting weight loss.

In The Skinny, Dr. Aronne shows you how to fix your internal biology by adjusting your eating and activity one step at a time. Including comprehensive menus, restaurant options for every type of food, a do-it-at-home strength plan and exercise plans, more than fifty low-calorie, high-satisfaction recipes, and extensive advice that helps you put the plan into practice, this is the only book you’ll need to learn how to defeat your hunger and cravings, and make the changes to your biochemistry that will keep the weight off for good.

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Tired of the pain and discomfort of being overweight? Do you finally want to feel good about the body you’re in? Is long-term weight loss as important to you as initial short-term loss? Then you’re ready to commit to The Skinny.

3 Stars ALMOST a good diet book
I was very excited to find a book writen by Dr. Aronne, knowng a good bit about him from media….articles in magazines, guesting on Letterman,having done the heart surgery for him. etc. The book is basically a lo carb, no white flour, etc. I TRIED to read it from cover to cover but it became such a chore due to using the fading orange color print….whomever made that decision should be fired.I would be first in line to buy the book again, ONLY if it was in normal print, black or whatever but as it is now, not much use to me to really get into it as its all through the book; sadly the main points he wishes to make are highlighted in orange, sigh ! ! E.K. Williamsville, N.Y.

5 Stars Super book
I am already referring this book to patients. What a super, pragmatic, doable approach.

5 Stars Makes sense, easy to do, financially sound, and it works!
I have been on every diet you can imagine, and have also been through weight loss surgery, so I am well-versed in diet and weight loss literature. This diet plan is extremely easy to follow and reasonable in its expectations. My doctor recently told me to adopt a lower carb diet, and this is the one I chose. It is very low carb, almost as low as the induction phase of Atkins, yet I have suffered none of the side effects of Atkins and no cravings (except during that time of the month). Dr. Aronne explains the “why” behind each part of the diet (and cites studies to support his views), and advocates that you change ONE MEAL AT A TIME, so that you can adjust bit by bit. This is not a quick fix; you have to stick to it. The bottom line is getting rid of junk food, eating plenty of vegetables, and eating enough protein. This diet does not count calories, only portion sizes (to some extent – you can eat pretty much as many veggies as you like). In fact, I used a website to calculate how many calories I was eating per day on this diet and could not believe how low it was, yet I was completely satisfied and felt that I had eaten my fill. It involves 3 meals a day and 2 snacks, and has plenty of suggestions of meal options. We really enjoy the recipes that are included, especially the gazpacho and the black-bean patties. YOU WILL NOT GO HUNGRY on this diet – and honestly, it’s more of a lifestyle change than a diet. It is very easy to adapt this diet to going out to restaurants, if you are careful. You can also sub some meals for protein shakes, if that’s your thing. There is definitely room for flexibility. I have also noticed that my grocery bills have dropped dramatically – veggies are much cheaper than processed food. My husband is still reconciling the amount of protein we are supposed to have in each meal. He is not completely convinced that we should have as much as Dr. Aronne recommends. However…he is also not losing as much weight as I am, which is an anomaly (men usually lose weight faster than women), and I think that his body is holding on because he’s not giving it enough protein. High protein diets often lead to constipation, but due to the large number of veggies you are to consume on this diet, that probably will not be an issue…and I’m on an iron supplement, so I was surprised. Again, this is an extremely healthy way of eating, involves lean protein and many vegetables. There is a small allowance for fruit, as well, which was a another bonus for me (not allowed on Atkins). This is a diet plan that if you like the foods that are advocated, you can definitely stick to long term, which is what we were looking for. For me, the proof is in that I have been able to lose over 10 lbs in the course of 2 months, an inch and a half in my waist, with my only exercise being primarily walking, and will also be in my cholesterol test results come September. Why this diet doesn’t get more press, I don’t know, but it doesn’t cost anything more than the book and your groceries – which for us, was definitely a bonus.

5 Stars It’s a good one!
This book really helped me to realize exactly why I have been yo-yo dieting all my life. He includes information on what it is that makes those of us who can’t seem to lose weight keep from doing it. His tricks work….I’ve lost 30 pounds so far using his strategies, and haven’t been hungry. I highly recommend it to others who have fought fat all their lives!

5 Stars Excellent- It works
There are so many diet books. This one is concise, easy to read and easy to follow.

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