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The Simple Things

Posted Apr 24 2013 4:40am
Typically an abundance of goal oriented posts happen around the end and beginning of each month. But since I felt inspired to start goals mid-month I decided I would share with you a new type of goal I have set for myself – simple things. But not before diving into some of a typical day’s edibles, because you can’t accomplish goals on an empty stomach now can you.

Yonanas Chocolate Protein Soft Serve , with Kamut topping Normally my goals involve an exact threshold. Ie: run xx km in one week or save XX amount of money. However I wanted to set a weekly challenge that pushed me to just live a little more.

The goal was simple: each day I wanted to make sure I prayed, smiled, danced, drew, and socialized.

Yes, I really am on page 194 of my notebook (and that is only one of several notebooks to be genuine) So far I am mid-way through the week and I am happy to report that my weekly challenge is being checked off. Not near as meticulously as I would have in the past. I didn’t get time to draw one day, it is not the end of the world to leave a box unchecked.

Microwave Bread experimentation I set this challenge to help me enjoy doing the things I love doing and to not forget about the small things. Smiling? Easy to do, yet also easy to forget.

On the go caraway crackers with peanut flour Something that made me smile:

I didn’t read 50 shades of grey (and I don’t plan on doing so), but I found the cover of this notebook kinda clever – it made me smile. Sigh, the simple things.


Are there SIMPLE things you try to do every day? Do you make goals mid month? 

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