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The Self Healing Cookbook Whole Foods To Balance Body Mind and Moods

Posted Jun 22 2010 12:54pm

The Self Healing Cookbook Whole Foods To Balance Body Mind and Moods

5 Stars Whole Mind and Body
Excellent book for those who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat is a true statement and society is finally realizing the importance of this, food affects how you look and how you feel about yourself inside and out. Cooking for yourself is such a better way of eating and this book will help you find recipes that work and you will enjoy making.Body, Mind, and Sport: The Mind-Body Guide to Lifelong Health, Fitness, and Your Personal Best

Cristina Pierce is the owner [....]

5 Stars A great Foundation Cookbook
This isnt just a cookbook. Its a reading book too. Along with great recipes it teaches you how to listen to your body and enjoy the pleasures of healthy eating. It gives good intuitive tips on how to cook and how to pick the food you need to eat at what time. This is a must have for a healthy eater :)


5 Stars A Real Gem
This is my favorite macrobiotic/whole foods cookbook. This is what I love about it
-The easy-going no-guilt, listen to your body perspective

-All the suggestions for making healthier foods with similar textures, tastes and appearances as the less healthy more conventional foods

-The many charts, drawings, tables showing you how to diagnose what you need by the emotions you are feeling – ie do you need a cleansing meal or a calming one? Do you need to feel inspired or grounded? etc

-There is a variety of recipes

-Many recipes have suggestions for changing or adding things (which suits me just fine because I don’t always follow recipes when I cook anyhow)

Overall, the book makes me feel good. It tells you to slow down, savor the food, pay attention to how it makes your body feel, understand the connection between emotions and weakness in your organs and also covers how to get sufficient iron, calcium etc on a non-dairy diet.

I highly recommend this book.

4 Stars Not just about the food
This book has made me look at food and the other issues you may have that effect why and what we eat. I started looking at a broader array of foods that are out there, and started eliminating some of the really unhealthy items that I see I was consuming for emotional reason, not nutritional needs. It’s a cook book with feelings.

5 Stars A remarkable resource for those living with cancer and everybody else!

I discovered this cookbook when I was undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer eleven years ago and had decided to commit to a macrobiotic diet. It is so much more than a cookbook, written with compassion, humor and an understanding of human behavior. It is the most “accessible,” reader friendly macrobiotic cookbook I own and I’ve used it more often than all the rest put together. Aside from the great and easy recipes, the book is uniquely supportive and empowering. Every time I buy a new copy for myself (as mine is literally fading and falling apart) I end up giving it away to someone else! I recommend this book for those who are coping with a cancer diagnosis, for cancer survivors and for anyone interested in the relationship between what we eat and how we feel! My only wish would be for a stronger binding!

Dawn Nelson, author

Making Friends with Cancer

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