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The Secret To Low Carb Success How to Get the Most Out of Your Low Carbohydrate Diet

Posted Oct 16 2010 8:21am

The Secret To Low Carb Success How to Get the Most Out of Your Low Carbohydrate Diet

A tool for all dieters who own any of the best selling low carb diet books on the market today and wish to make their diet more effective. This book offers an overview of all the popular low carb diets, including Atkins and The Zone – and offers a non-judgemental comparison of them, functioning as a guide book on how to make them work. In addition to featuring three new diet plans, this revised edition includes updated and new advice from experienced low carb dieters, updated resources, and a new chapter of general low carb tips.

5 Stars I highly recommend this book
I have been low carbing for about 2 months and I was having mixed results before I read this book. The first chapter that compares all the different plans helped me select a plan that was much better for me than the one I was on originally. This book also helped me discover 2 important things that I was doing that slowed my weight loss. The combination of choosing another plan and tossing out my stallers, my weight loss sped up a great deal. Absolutely worth the $7.00 I paid for it.

5 Stars Excellent!!
I’ve been “lowcarbing” since January 2006 and was given The New Diet Revolution by Atkins. I had success, however, I JUST found out that some medication I was placed on two months after starting LC was a culprit in not only stalling my weight, but gaining 6 pounds. My situation had no bearing on the Atkins plan as I still follow it.

I stumbled upon this book about 4 months ago in a drug store–way before reading any reviews. The writer is credible, the writing style is not over the top on medical terminology. Once you start reading it, it is hard to put down.

Ms. Richard states the facts concerning each plan.

Anyone who is even considering a low carb lifestyle (this is not a “diet”) should really read this book BEFORE they start any plan. Although I started lowcarbing before knowing about this book, I believe it would help even a current lowcarber in the event that they may need to make adjustments with whatever method they are using.

The book is very inexpensive and worth much more than it’s price. It is a very good, down-to-earth, factual, non-overwhelming read.

I highly recommend this book as your first choice, OR your first read if you own other books.

2 Stars Nothing you cannot find yourself
I bought this book after I read the raving reviews. Now, after I read it I don’t see what is so special about this one. Just a summary of the low carb stuff she found on internet blogs. You are way better off with something more constructive and original. In my opinion any of the Fran McCullough books beat this one 10 to one. Hope this information will help my fellow low carb dieters.

5 Stars Makes low carb diets really work
So many people have written such nice things about this book that I feel compelled to write a negative review. But I can’t. This book was very useful. If you are thinking of starting a low carb diet but are not sure which one, start by reading this book. It compares the various diets in an unbiased, down-to-Earth way. For me, the most important part of this book was the chapter which discussed the various factors which can cause the low carb diet to suddenly stop working for no clear reason. Many of the causes of slowing weight loss are not obvious. This book will likely help you find the cause of your slowed weight loss and help you get back on track. And on top of that, the book is so cheap. You are hurting yourself if you don’t add this book to your low carb arsenal.

5 Stars Very detailed
I’d never had any experience with low-carb diets before, so I needed a good overall review of the risks and benefits and underlying principles of various proponents and their diet basics – and this book delivered. It spurred me on to further research to learn more about those that intrigued me. My husband, a diabetic, was interested in a diabetes low-carb author mentioned in the book and he ordered that author’s book, too, and is very pleased. This is a small but powerful book, packed with everything you need to know. I didn’t settle on one plan, but took what I considered the best parts of several plans, and I have indeed been successful. Highly recommended. (I also recommend Dana Carpender’s book, How I Gave Up My Low-Fat Diet and Lost 40 Pounds (Revised and Expanded Edition).)

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