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The secret to guilt free Italian food

Posted Feb 27 2010 12:00am
Was up bright and early this morning to do my usual Davina Super Scuplt DVD and my 30 Day Shred DVD has arrived so going to try that out next week!
For breakfast made one of my usual blueberry vanilla smoothies followed by a cup of green tea.
We headed out into Newcastle to have a look about as hubby needed to pick up his new mobile phone and I indulged in more retail therapy (I seriously need to cut up my credit card!). While we were out I snacked on a Very Berry Nakd Bar and we stopped at Costas for a coffee. I had a medium Caramel Skinny Latte.
For lunch we met up with the in laws who said they would like to treat us to an italian. My first feelings were to panic about what I could have that would be healthy! I gave myself a bit of a mental slap in the face after that, a bloody italian isn't going to kill me after all! I ended up having half a cheese and tomato pizza with salad. It was really tasty and I enjoyed every bite without feeling guilty. I explained to my mother in law that I would rather enjoy that smaller meal without guilt than have the full starter and carby main and feel bloated and guilty later. We went for a couple of drinks after that and as I was driving I just stuck to soda water with ice and lemon.

Afternoon snacks was two big green crunchy apples to keep me going.

I needed to spend some time this weekend cooking up stuff for next weeks meals so I started off with making a big pan of Vegetable Soup. I used 1 leek, 2 carrots, 1 large courgette, 2 small sweet potatoes, 1 potato and some red lentils. I chopped all the veg up and fried in olive oil to soften them for a few minutes then added some boiling water, two veg stock cubes and the lentils. I then let it simmer for half an hour, then let it cool a bit before using my hand blender to blend about half of the mixture.
I had a big bowl of it for my dinner. Was really pleased with how it turned out it was yummy!
After my soup I had a big bunch of green grapes to satisfy my sweet tooth!
We are currently deciding if we should crack open a bottle of red later as well, I say yes! (It is our second last day off together as hubby usually works on weekends when I'm off so we rarely have full days off together)

Drinks - water, green tea, skinny latte, decaf tea, soda water, red wine

Laura from box run eat  has very nicely nominated me for a Gorgeous Blogger Award!

You need to give 6 facts about yourself so here it goes 1. I got married in Sorrento Italy in 2008 to my hubby James
2. My dream job would be running an ethical fashion boutique come healthy cafe come art gallery! (If such a thing existed)
3. I have a BA(hons) in Art and Design and specialised in Photography, which you wouldn't guess from my photos on this blog! (I've also just finished my MA in Community and Youth Work)
4. I met my husband at my sisters wedding (he was the best man and I was the chief bridesmade!)
5. I always came last in the cross country running at school - I've only managed to overcome my life long aversion to physical activity in the last 18 months
6. I'm a smaller dress size now than when I was 14 years old

Hope that gives you a bit of a better picture of who I am!

Well I'm off to hit the red wine, hope everyones had a good Saturday!
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