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the sandwich that changed my life, part two

Posted Nov 01 2010 5:00pm

Several weeks ago, I discovered The Sandwich That Changed My Life .

In what was perhaps one of my greatest failures ever as a food blogger, I did not capture any gratuitous pictures or share much information with my lovely readers other than the fact that this sandwich indeed changed my life.

I am better than that.

On Sunday, I let go of any remaining bit of Everythingtarian pride I leftover from my embarrassing first visit to the Madison Sourdough Company and went back for an encore.

This time, I was able to confidently say I knew it was Sunday and told the dreadlocked cashier I would like my sandwich on sesame buckwheat bread, thankyouverymuch.

While I seriously contemplated foregoing my special sandwich in lieu of a Sunday lunch consisting of more coffee, chocolate almond chipotle biscotti, peach Danishs and one pumpkin pecan muffin, I resisted.

Don’t ask me how, but I did.

I think it may have had something to do with #8 on the menu.

That my friends, is the sandwich that changed my life: grilled butternut squash w/ onions, goat cheese + balsamic gastrique on country sesame buckwheat.

While I realize I said I was not going to eat out for the next 30 days , I made a special exception for you, my readers, and this sandwich.

Some things are just worth spending a little extra money on.

While I impatiently awaited the grand arrival of the sandwich, I distracted myself with the NY Times travel section and indulged my penniless wallet in an article all about Northern Vietnam (which has been officially added to my list of places to travel, FYI).

Then, the most peculiar thing happened. Not only did I make friends with the lovely strawberry blonde lady reading Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” sitting next to me, but it turns out she is also a food blogger.

No joke.

Check out Lindsay at Forkful of News .

The foodie gods were clearly watching over us.

In between my child-like impatience and the excitement of meeting somebody who loves to blog about food as much as I do, the lovely waitress set down my life-changing sandwich before me.

While every fiber of starving soul wanted to take the largest bite possible, I kept repeating, “I am better than that…I am better than that…” and instead, took out my new camera to start snapping pictures of this gorgeous sandwich.

I am serious when I say it was life-changing.

 And that, my friends, is the story of the sandwich that changed my life.

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