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The Salad Challenge on Eating Healthy Nutritious Food

Posted Jul 02 2008 8:01pm

I hope you're visiting because you want to begin or keep up the journey toeating healthy nutritious food. I want to challenge and spur you on towards optimal health. So here's a worthy goal -

EAT ONE BIG SALAD A DAY. Simple enough?

saladshould be full ofleafy greens. If you eat Iceberg Lettuce, you need to know that it has no nutritional value whatsoever. It's main component is water and many folks complain of indigestion and excessive belching after eating an Iceberg Lettuce Salad.Romain Lettuceand Baby Spinich go great together, as well as, a mixture called "Spring Mix". These are usually packaged in a plastic box and offer beautiful color and flavor and taste.

Be ascreativeas you can. Throw a myriad of
raw veggiesin there with those greens. Try ones that you've never ventured to try before. One of my personal faves isSUGAR SNAP PEAS. These are sold, usually in a bag, as a snack food...similiar to carrot sticks. They are a great crunchy snack and fit well in any salad.

avacadosa try. Cut intochunks.The fat contained in it is GREAT for you. It keeps you full and your body can run on this fat, using it for fuel.

For extra
proteinin your salads, try adding black beans, or another cold bean salad. Try cottage cheese or boiled eggs. And for crunch....sunflower seedsor other nuts are excellent!

Try different cheeses. My personal fave is chunked,
Feta Cheese. If you are not used to the smell, it may turn you off at first. But you'll be pleasantly surprised by the taste! Don't be afraid to venture out into unchartered waters. Nutritious eating means trying new things.

If you've never made your own salad dressings is the time to start!

Try using a base of olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar and a little fresh lemon juice.

Add some salt, fresh pressed garlic, fresh or dried basil and oregano, and fresh or powdered onion.

Perhaps you'd like somehoneyin it to sweeten in up a bit. Some even like adding mayo or mustard. Let your personal preference guide you.

Shake it up and taste it. Play around with different mixtures to discover what you like. You'll be surprised what you can create!

It's so rewarding to make it all yourself then sit down and enjoy it. You know that this is REAL nutritious eating becuase you made it yourself with nutritious ingredients. You have chosen wisely.

**A personal note** In my opinion, bagged lettuces are not first choice. They all seem to have an undesirable scent and flavor. Experiment with both bagged and non-bagged to see what you think. Non-bagged always tastes fresher to me. The boxed mixtures, as mentioned before seem to be fine as far as taste and smell. Sam's club or other wholesale clubs sell a large box of "Spring Mix" that I really like!

Now that I've shared all of this, I'm just itching to get in the kitchen and make a nutritious salad creation myself. If you like to dine with friends and share foods, why don't you have a SALAD PARTY. Tell everyone to bring some sort of salad. It will be fun to see what varieties will appear there. Send me your comments and give me new ideas for salad creations. I would love to hear from you!

Merry K.
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