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The Road Runner goes “beep, beep”. I go “Jeep, Jeep”!

Posted Feb 08 2012 12:00am

Happy Wednesday friends! How’s your week going? I feel like mines flying by. It’s going to be Saturday before I even know it and I’ll be running another 5k .

So let’s play catch-up a little.

Yesterday was 2 Mile Tuesday and so guess what I did… I ran 2 miles. :mrgreen:


I did an easy 2 miles at about 11 minute mile pace, then I cooled down for the last .44 mile.

Then I decided to try my Pocket Yoga App. I did the 30 minute Ocean HIIT/Vinyasa practice at beginner level. I really liked yoga before I had ankle surgery but I’ve been reluctant to try it since then. My ankle was so sore last night. The joint still doesn’t have as much mobility as it should so child’s pose and upward facing dog is really painful. I tried to push my ankle a little and I definitely paid the price.


Here’s what’s going on at work. More wood printing.


The artist’s latest design is doing the American and California flags printed on the distressed-reclaimed barn wood and they look AWESOME!!! I really want the Cali Flag for my future apartment.

photo (8)

Lunch was with the coworkers. We had Erik’s Deli and I had the Thai Chicken Wrap which was amazing, especially with the spicy peanut sauce. I like things saucy!!! ;-)


We won last night!!! Whoo hoo.

But it was by the skin of our teeth. We should have had a pretty easy game last nigh but the girls just weren’t jelling. Luckily, they pulled it out in the 4th quarter (literally) and hopefully we’ll escape with a win and a little bit of a reality slap. 8 game winning streaks need to be challenged a little.

Max and I had celebratory dinner last night at Chili’s. We had the 2 for $20 dinner so we had the chips and salsa and guac appetizer.


And I tried their Grey Goose Lemonade which was super duper delicious. It had Grey Goose Vodka, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and agave nectar in it. I love drinks that aren’t too sweet.


For my entrée I had the Margarita Chicken which was as delicious as always. :-D

I slurped it up, which isn’t very fancy of me but I didn’t care!


I whipped up a quick breakfast this morning of 1 fried egg on toast with boysenberry jam and 4 breakfast sausages.

Then I took the Jeep and ran by the ‘Bucks for an awake tea with soy.


The Valentines Day cups are so cute!!! I like them so much I tried to steal a few extras… I was caught and questioned by an angry barista. Don’t mess with the baristas in the morning.

And finally a little Jeep Red heart


Normally sandwiches, wraps usually aren’t too flavorful to me.

4. The Peter Pan ride is my favorite.

I’m planning on stealing all of yours ;-)

So far I really like:

  • Penny
  • Ginny
  • and Snow White (Thanks Theresa!!!)

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