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The Return to Normalcy

Posted Nov 13 2012 2:24pm

I may not be able to exercise yet…. but I’m getting back to my pre-baby self by baking and cooking. I have been trying to write this post for 3 days now though… I think Olivia knows when I’m about to blog, eat or drink coffee.

Anyway… I admit I’m SUPER grateful that I made freezer meals. It’s SO easy to take out chili or soup, but there is something about a fresh cooked meal that is making me feel extra warm on the inside.

I’ve been making super easy meals a couple times a week, but last week I also made this butternut squash quinoa dish. It’s a perfect main or side dish. I hadn’t made it since last year and was glad I brought it back.

I’ve also made whole wheat pizza (bought dough from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s) it’s super easy to pop in the oven and have a salad with it.

Yesterday I made soup with Trader Joe’s dried bean and barley mix. I just cooked the bag in 3 boxes of organic low sodium chicken broth, added some carrots, celery and spices and called it a day…or dinner.

So that’s me trying to go back to a little normalcy.

What else is new?

Olivia is doing very well. She’s eating and sleeping lots and not giving us *too* hard of a time right now. :) We are loving her lots and I snuggle and kiss her about a million times a day. I’m really loving just being her mom and not doing much else while I can.

I’m feeling pretty good. I’m definitely still recovering. I’ve had little things here and there that aren’t so great, but overall resting and relaxing is the best thing I can do for myself. I’ve gone on 2, 30-40 minute (very slow) walks and they felt great. I hope to get out today, but right now it’s raining so I don’t know if it will happen.

I’ll do a little baby update for her 4 week birthday! I can’t believe she’s been here for 3+ weeks already!

Fingers crossed it stops raining! Have a good day!

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