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The Raw Chocolate Company Review

Posted Mar 01 2011 1:40pm

A few weeks ago I was sent a couple of products from The Raw Chocolate Company to review:

I received some raw chocolate covered mulberries and some Loaded Plain Dark Chocolate :


The Raw Chocolate Company is a small company based in Brighton that produce a range of raw chocolate made from ingredients that are ethically sourced and mostly organic. They have a fantastic green ethos which extends to every facet of their business including packaging and working towards a zero carbon foot print.

Why raw chocolate?

The cacao that is used to make chocolate is actually chock full of antioxidants and enzymes that are destroyed when they are heated above a certain temperature, as in regular chocolate. Raw chocolate retains these antioxidants and enzymes, as well as usually being free from refined sugars. For me, I love raw chocolate because it not only tastes fab but offers me some nutrition and doesn’t send my blood sugar on a roller coaster ride like some other chocolates.

Raw Chocolate Covered Mulberries

I enjoyed the chocolate covered mulberries on smoothies and my tasty agar agar strawberry pudding:


These are fab! They taste wonderful, the dark rich chocolate is teamed with delicious sweet crunchy mulberries. They are very moreish, so watch out! These would make a great healthier treat any time but are great used as a topping for smoothies and would also work well with porridge or desserts such as ice cream. They also produce raw chocolate covered raisins and goji berries.  100g bags are sold via the website for between £3.76 for the raisins and £4.47 for the gojis.

These are rather expensive but as I had noted in pretty much every review I have done, health conscious, organic and ethical products do tend to cost more due to their higher quality and production.

I would definitely buy these again and will probably be placing an order once I eat down my large chocolate stash. They make a great fun addition to so many meals as well as a great snack in themselves. A bag of these would be great to take to the cinema!

Loaded Plain Dark Chocolate:


My word this chocolate is good! I have tried a few raw chocolates now and most of them have a creamy soft texture. This chocolate is much more like regular chocolate, creamy and crunchy. I absolutely love this stuff!

A 44g bar is sold via the website for £2.93 so again this isn’t cheap. However if you would like to go to chocolate heaven then it is worth it!

As with the raw chocolate covered mulberries I will look to get this chocolate again but may try out one of their other varieties .

Overall I think these are great products made by a company that clearly prides itself on its green and ethical credentials.

Have you tried any products from The Raw Chocolate Company? What did you think?

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