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The Pump gets Pickled. NEW! Healthy pickled veggies add bold flavors to the menu.

Posted Aug 30 2010 11:46am

We’ve been experimenting with pickles for months now, ever since our new Director of Communications insisted that “pickling is where it’s at, Adam.”  At first, admittedly, I wasn’t convinced.  Then, Chef Danny enthusiastically endorsed it–he’s a veteran of some top-notch restaurants, including Danny Meyers’ Blue Smoke .  Given their knowledge and backgrounds in the New York restaurant scene, I had to take this recommendation seriously.  I began my own research, investigating the roots of pickling and learning about how chefs like David Chang and Michael Anthony were incorporating them into their menus.  Rick’s Picks , Brooklyn Brine , McClure’s –I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by artisinal pickles wherever I went.  Whole Foods …Pickles.  Lucy’s Whey …Pickles.  Barnes & Noble…Pickle (books). 

Suddenly, the only thing I could think about where pickles.  I ate, drank, slept pickles for days.  I sent out an email to my staff, proclaiming, “Let’s Pickle the Pump.”  My talented Food & Beverage team developed several recipes, and we chose the following three because each one a) complimented the existing menu, b) contained low sodium levels and c) offered texture, crunch and robust flavors.

We’re quite proud of their nutritionals, too.  Not only are they super low in calories and sodium, they have high levels of vitamin B (released during the fermenting process), high in fiber (good for digestive helath) and antioxidants.  Check out for complete nutritionals.

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