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The Power of Regeneration In All Natural Foods and Health Drinks

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:04am
What is “ the power of regeneration ” and how do you get it from all natural foods and health drinks? If you believe it's possible to retain your youthful energy into your 70's and 80's and beyond, then you just may be a believer in the power of REGENERATION. It is the opposite of " degeneration", which is what happens to most people as they age.

The Philosophy of Regeneration™ is a phrase trademarked by Sunrider International. Dr. Tei-Fu Chen developed the Philosophy of Regeneration™ after thorough study of Chinese and Western medicines. According to the philosophy, the body reaches a natural balance when nourished with nutrient dense foods and cleansed on a daily basis with antioxidant rich health drinks.

It's that DAILY formula of NOURISH (yin), BALANCE and CLEANSE (yang) that is helping millions of people around the world renew their youthful vitality each and every day.

When you consume acid forming foods and drinks, or isolated nutrients from artificial food and beverage products, you cause your body to degenerate. If, on the other hand, you are cleansing out fats and toxins on a daily basis with sophisticated health drinks while nourishing your body with concentrated all natural foods, then you are creating a perfect balance of cleansing and nourishing (yin) and (yang), which allows for regeneration to take place.

Then, instead of your body degenerating from unhealthy foods and beverages, you begin to feel relief through the power of regeneration. What’s happening is that damaged, old, dying cells are being replaced more rapidly by healthy, new cells that now are stronger because they are built with more powerfully nutritious tools.

Click to read more about accessing The Power of Regeneration through all natural foods and health drinks
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