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The Power of Green Tea

Posted by Jeff W.

The health benefits of red wine have been discussed at great length over the last several years, but the power of green tea has just come to light recently. It's true that both beverages contain the flavonoids and anti-oxidants to promote good heart health, but that's where the similarities end. Doctor's recommend one glass of red wine a day, the key here is moderation -- drinking more than one glass can do more harm then good. Alcohol, when consumed in excess, can be responsible for a boatload of negative effects on your body. With green tea, there is no evidence of any damaging effects by consuming more than one glass on a given day. Green tea is also associated with helping to alleviate stress, and with speeding up your metabolism. Not to mention that you can consume as much green tea as you like without endangering your life or the lives of others by getting behind the wheel afterward.

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