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The Power of Delaying to Squash Sugar Cravings

Posted Dec 18 2008 8:12pm

Did you ever see my article on, entitled, Squash Your Sugar Cravings?

If you're struggling with a sugar habit, you may find this article helpful.

Squash Your Sugar Cravings!

By Connie Bennett
Special for eDiets

Updated: May 17, 2006

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Quite often, wannabe Sugar Kickers ask me: “How can I curb my carb cravings to keep myself from tasting and then inevitably gobbling handfuls of cookies or crackers?”

One of the most powerful and potent strategies is so simple that you’ll wonder why you never tried it in the first place. Simply hold off before doing anything -- especially something that you'll later regret. After all, if you mindlessly shove those fast-acting, Much-Like-Sugar Carbs in your mouth, you might later feel wiped out, spaced out, moody and depressed because the numbers on your scale continue to climb.

Think about it: Just about all of us are good at delaying in the first place. You know how you keep putting off cleaning the house, giving your boss that proposal or even throwing out the garbage? More to the point, many of us are pretty darn good at procrastinating, right? I know I am. While I’m certainly not proud of this dubious skill, delaying, I've found, is a fun, clever way to give procrastination a positive spin!

I hit upon this incredible strategy back in 1998 when I was told to kick sweets and simple carbs on doctor's orders. To this day, I'm struck by how easy, effortless and darn effective it is to just delay!

Everyone of any age -- unless you’re maybe a tot -- can cultivate this tactic. All you have to do is promise yourself to hold off for a brief period of time. Then, you can delay over and over again, even for hours. Just think: The next morning you'll be relieved and proud of yourself that you didn't cave into your cravings.

Here are seven ways delaying can be your remarkable ally to help you pull the plug on your unwanted sugar habit: -- more »

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