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The Pleasurable Respite of A Weight Loss Stall, Part-Time Low Carb, and My 10th Anniversary on Low Carb

Posted Sep 14 2013 11:39am


Putting aside the niggly details surrounding my lack of progress in my current attempts at weight loss, I really can’t complain:

  • I’m maintaining my 60 pound weight loss which commenced almost EXACTLY 10 years ago as I write this. I was 265 on that Saturday when I bought the Atkins book. On this Saturday, almost 10 years to the day, I am 205.
  • I am certainly not denying myself to maintain this weight loss. Regular bread, ice cream, regular pasta and rhubarb pie were only a few of the high carb things I’ve eaten and enjoyed this week. Wine also.
  • Overall, my health (knock on wood) appears pretty good given my 1/2 century mark and a tendency to avoid exercise. I take meds for an inherited tendency toward hypertension and a low dose of diabetes meds as a preventative. I don’t have diabetes yet though my older siblings both developed it in their early 40s.
  • While a bit snug for my taste, I am fitting in the waist size that I want to be when I reach my end goal. The clothes I have now would just be a little looser – that’s all.
  • I never suffer from hunger and often eat to fullness. The foods that form the core of my diet seem decadent – butter, cheese, meat, cream, olive oil – and ‘fattening’ – but they are NOT ‘fattening to me – they are ‘fatty’, and for me, that promotes weight loss, or at least maintaining.
  • According to my Fitbit (whereabouts currently unknown – I hope it isn’t in the washing machine right now), I pretty much take in about as many calories as I burn. Despite this, I seem to get a *slight* advantage if I eat low carb and keep the net count under 40 and go into ketosis.
  • My fasting blood glucose this morning is 94 – even with the gummy bears last night.

I state all this as my consolation prize, as my diet is going nowhere.

I have NOT been able to stick to my plan and a pattern has emerged of ‘part time low carb dieting’. Strictly low carb during the day, then carbs – even junky carbs – in the evening. This seems to work nicely as a weight maintenance plan  - but I’m not trying to maintain – I’m trying to lose that last pesky 20 pounds.

It’s not a bad place to be however. Heck – keeping 60 pounds off for 9 years is almost as impossible as cheating death. It just doesn’t happen – at least without a steely resolve – which I have demonstrated time and time again I simply do not possess. I just love food too much.

I will soldier on, and try again starting this week to avoid the ‘part-time’ low carb and get more serious about it. I am even going back and rereading the manuscript for a book I never published that documented day-by-day what I did to get into ketosis and peel off some weight last year.

There’s good news hidden in this ‘failure’: it certainly appears that I can maintain my weight on a ‘part-time low carb diet’. That’s kinda cool. There’s no struggle here. Any food is allowed. I can eat til I’m full and enjoy all the foods that we moderns have at our disposal, from exotic fruits and vegetables (high carb or not), to the most forbidden of high carb foods – pasta, pastries, cookies, pies, ice cream, gummy bears – the list is endless as long as there’s moderation.

That’s where the ‘part-time’ aspect works to my advantage. Since I normally stick to low carb until the evening, it is simply not enough time to make the day a total fail. It certainly is a fail from a weight-loss perspective, but from a weight maintenance perspective? Apparently not at all.

So like I said, I’m, once again going to hunker down and try for the full-bore low carb that – after all the experimentation – still seems to work best for me.

And if the past is any indicator, even failing will still leave me more or less where I’m at present.

On my 10th anniversary of low carb I have no regrets. Low carb has been very good to me.

Thank you, Doctor Atkins.





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