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The pH Miracle Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health

Posted Oct 01 2010 1:47pm

The pH Miracle Balance Your Diet Reclaim Your Health

In many ways, The pH Miracle is reminiscent of an earlier generation of diet books. Much of the focus is on an intestinal cleansing program, followed by a diet that is 70 to 80 percent vegetables, coupled with a tremendous selection of supplements that authors Robert and Shelley Young recommend to everyone, no matter what their age, gender, or state of health.

The Youngs point their fingers at candida as a main culprit in the poor health of many people. Unfortunately, they back up their claims with only vague references, such as “a 1991 study” and “a leading cancer researcher.” Many readers may wish for more specific evidence, but instead will have to make do with enthusiastic recommendations, alphabetized lists of vegetables, and pleasing chapters with vegetarian recipes that taste good no matter how you feel about the diet as a whole.

Sprinkled throughout the book are short testimonials of people who were able to reverse cancer, improve their digestion, and lower their cholesterol by following these recommendations, and it’s hard to argue with the cholesterol-lowering results that a 70 percent vegetable diet will achieve. Still, the medical value of much else in the book remains hotly contested, and as always, it’s wise to check with your doctor before starting off in search of miracles. –Jill Lightner

5 Stars this book will improve your life
excellent! If you read this book and take it to heart and apply the knowledge given I believe it will improve your health and well-being as it has done mine. I believe Dr. Young is ‘the’ leading authority on alkaline and it’s importance to a healthy body.

I have most of books by Dr Rober O. Young, and this one is specialy good as Dr Young add new his and other saentists discovery and he summarised lot of isues. Book is easy to read and to undertand even for forigner like me. Thank you Dr Young for your work, I feel I will live healtier and longer and happier thanks to you.

5 Stars AMAZING BOOK, don’t believe me though, try it yourself and judge your results
To live like no one else, you must live like no one else. With this book you can’t argue success.

Give this book an honest 4 weeks and follow what is being said and watch what will happen. If you think it is not working I’m sure you can get your money back. Lets first start by saying this is not your typical “DIET FAD BOOK”. This also goes against conventional wisdom currently out there. However when you read about what is being said you will think to yourself,” This makes sense”. Also this guy has a 100% proven track record in healing people of ANY disEASE. He also has a great Facebook following in which you can ask him any question you want and have it answered. How many authors do you know that will do that to back up what he/she is saying? Also at first this might be a bit shocking to think you could live this way, I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE saying that very same thing. I know what your thinking once you see what the way of eating is all about, however when you start going without things like soda, coffee, meat, dairy, sugar and so on you don’t miss having them or have cravings for them. YOU DON’T FEEL YOUR MISSING OUT. Tell me a diet that claims that?

My short story:

Where do I start? Since first finding out about Dr. Young back about 3 years ago I started on his way of eating and treating my body. I wasn’t heavy by most people’s standards over weight or suffering from anything major, but just wanted more energy and avoid what most people call average aches and pains as you get older. I just wanted better health for myself and my wife who had just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 3 years ago. Let me also say that this is what he calls a,” Live it” not a DIET. It doesn’t matter your condition or age or what hasn’t worked in the past.


My tennis elbow is gone, my wife’s MS is gone per her doctor (we just got back from vacation and she got sunburn for the first time in 4 years and didn’t have one problem or MS related pain), my hernia is gone, my skin is clear, and most importantly my energy is greater than it has ever been. I sleep 5 or 6 hours and feel fully rested. Think to yourself on just that one fact. Most people sleep 8 hours. I get and extra 2 hrs a day more than most and 14 hrs a week. Imagine having more energy than your own kids. Aches and pains or back problems will do away your winkles will start going away naturally. Your mental attitude is better CLEARER thinking. If you need more proof than just mine go over to youtube and put in Phmiracle and watch those videos.

The secret to this program
Start by changing one meal, breakfast for instance or dinner. Or maybe stop having coffee or soda and just drink water (good water). From there you gradually start making other changes when it is comfortable and then take the plunge and go on a liquid feast to clean out the rest of the junk in your body, and boy does it come out.

The make sense corner:

Think for one second, in what world does a double cheeseburger cost less than a vegetable? We wonder why heart attack and cancer rates are on the rise. Also consider for on second, what benefit do big pharmaceuticals have in giving you the natural way of healing yourself? They would be out of business. They are in the business of selling drugs not for making people healthier. Did you know the USA is the only country that allows drugs to be advertised on TV? Why do you think that is? Also now consider this, who knows better in healing yourself than about 2 million years of evolution in your DNA compared to the oldest drug company maybe 100 years old? Which do you trust? Your body is meant to be in a health state and free of any disease ache, pain, medicine, condition you name it. You really believe that deep down when you think about it. Last thought on this one,” When was the last time your breathed out of both nostrils all day?” Do you think you’re supposed to use both nostrils at the same time? What do you think having half the oxygen going to your body does over time?


Imagine for one second what he is saying here in his book is true. What does that mean to the rest of the world in terms of industries and how we live our life?

A great companion book to this is Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton. This is for those folks out there really believe that DNA really controls any part of your life. This will bust down that paradigm using the leading edge of science today.

2 Stars PH info
Some of the information in this book is incorrect and dated. It reads mostly like a recipe book. It needs more information on research being done today. There are a few good points the book makes, yet I expected more.

5 Stars Get Your Life On Track
For those who are truly serious about eating and living healthy, this book is for you. For those of you looking for a miracle cure, a 6 week weight loss diet, etc., don’t waste your money. For those of you familiar with Dr Young and his PH living style, this book actually explains it better, in my opinion, than some of his earlier publications. I am a pharmacist and I find the other publications were sometimes written in the language of health care professionals and not necessarily 100% understandable to the lay person. If you have the earlier book(s), keep them, but also get this one. There is new info here, better explanations on many things and some new recipes. Keep the old one for the tables and recipes and for more in depth explanations on certain points. BOTTOM LINE: THIS IS AN AWESOME PROGRAM THAT WILL IMPROVE ANYONE’S HEALTH, REGARDLESS OF HOW HEALTHY OR HOW “SICK” YOUR BODY IS! The food is tasty and you will start feeling better very quickly. Some things may seem a bit confusing in the book. Remember Dr Young is a scientist, not a writer, but he sure knows his science. If you have any questions about what you’re reading just call the company and his staff will get you an answer. :)

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