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The Pace Program - One Simple Exercise Tip For A Life Change

Posted Jan 24 2011 1:29pm

Dr. Sears’ PACE revolution overturns accepted dogma and reveals a more effective, more exhilarating path to a strong heart, robust lungs and a naturally lean and effortlessly energetic body.

Challenging your body in new ways and in a progressive manner, results in your body adapting to the changes you are imposing. This workout routine will lead to a stronger body that will be better able to resist degeneration and illnesses.

In modern cultures we have a very different relationship to our environment compared to former times when every day, hunting, killing and fighting produced food and shelter for the fittest.

Dr. Sears' PACE program recreates the stress and rest cycles and movements imitating the physical demands of our forebears.

This natural rhythm produces
* Expanded lung volume.
* High-speed fat loss.
* Reserve capacity in your heart.
* A higher metabolic rate with increased insulin sensitivity.
* New muscle growth and stronger bones.
* Better sexual performance.

You can do the Pace program at home, with no expensive equipment or high-priced trainers. PACE is accessible to anyone regardless of age or current level of fitness. And it only takes 12 minutes a day.

Dr. Sears explains
“Did you know your lungpower is the best predictor of longevity? But your lungs shrink with age. Every year your lung cells die off faster than your body can replace them. And if you practice aerobics or cardio you’re making your lungs even smaller and weaker. That’s bad news."

Instead of training our hearts and lungs to become weaker and more disease prone, Dr. Sears empowers us with an easy-to-follow plan that gets results no matter how out of shape we may be. Within minutes you’ll be fortifying your heart, ramping up your lungpower and burning fat like a blowtorch.

The essential exercise tip that the Pace program explains, is a way to expand and reinvigorate your lungs, making them bigger, stronger and more powerful – no matter how old you are. PACE, a 12-minute fitness revolution, reveals the self-destructive flaws in modern exercise advice.
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