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The Oscar’s Fashion

Posted Mar 08 2010 8:22am

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend-I know I did. Last week I posted a blog for Gregg’s Birthday and said I would reveal the other part of his birthday later-well now that it’s later I can tell you. The other part of Gregg’s birthday present was a surprise 30th birthday from me. I invited about 85 people and about 65 people attended-I thought it was a great turn out! I was crazy surprised that 60+ people could keep it a secret from him for 3 weeks! He was very surprised too! He had no clue what I was planning and was totally surprised when he walked in and saw all of friends and family there. I will tell more about that later and post a few pics that I took, overall it was a great success :)

Onto something else that I never do-a fashion critique of the Oscar’s. I rarely comment on the blog about fashion, but thought today would be the perfect opportunity. I also think that by doing this some people will get to know me a little better. So here we go!

Gabourey Sidibe-Very flattering dress. I love the way the straps are off the shoulders and the color is a home run for her skin tone.

Demi Moore-LOVE this dress on her. It forms to her body perfectly and the color of the dress matches her skin tone almost to a tee. Love the way the dress is fitted on top and then very ruffled on the bottom, the gold shoes are also a nice subtle touch.

Sandra Bullock-This dress looked amazing on her! I love the way the lace sort of fades away towards the middle and then has a solid color the rest of the way. I also thought her makeup was a good fit with the dress. Typically I am not a fan of the bright red lipstick, but she pulled it off very well.

Queen Latifah-She seriously blew me away with this dress. It is a great fit on her and the color complements her skin tone very well. I also love the diamond accents and accessories.

Miley Cyrus-Not a fan of this one. I think it would have looked better if her posture was better-she seemed to be very slumped over in the dress and it looked uncomfortable. I also think the top looked a little too small on her; maybe that’s why she was standing the way she was because she was worried something would pop out. Her hair and make-up look very well done though, I just think dress that fit her well would have been better.

Nicole Richie- I think that Nicole is a very pretty woman, but I do not think this dress did her justice. The lines on the dress are all wrong for her figure and I think the sleeves covered her up too much.

Vera Farmiga-Not much I can say about this except holy ruffles! I do not think this was a good choice for her at all, I honestly think it is all wrong and was shocked when I saw her wearing it.

Zoe Saldana-Unfortunately, this was my least favorite dress of the night. I loved the top and the way it fit her, but the bottom looked like a completely different dress. It almost looked like she couldn’t make up her mind between the 2 dresses so she just put them together. She is very beautiful but this dress was not a good choice for her. However, I will give her props for the shoes-HOT!

Penelope Cruz-This was my favorite dress of the evening. I love the color and the fit-very classy. I also really liked the fact that she didn’t play it up too much, she let the dress do the work and she looked amazing in it. The  diamond earings and bracelet were a great touch. Way to hit this one out of the park!

So, that is my opinion of some of my favorites and not so favorites. I hope you all have a great day :)

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