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The order and nature of bodies

Posted by Jane D.

I'm considering taking up nervousness as my new workout program. I was at a high school doing a poetry show (performancey 'old hat' not to worry) and Mr. Himself shows up. Pressure's on. My heart was racing. I drank a lot of water. I was hyper aware of my body, my posture, my teeth, my performance. For a day or two after it stuck with me. This awareness of my body instructed the choices I made about food and activity. I was quite (frighteningly) conscious of how I sat in the world. I think we forget sometimes: the order and nature of bodies and movement and food. We get excited about the new 100 Calorie Pack, or we start counting fiber to beat the points system. We obsess over fullness. I forget sometimes what it feels like to be hungry. And then, what it feels like to satiate that hunger with wonderful and decadent food. Slowly, To recognize fullness halfway through my plate and note that I have enough left-over to get to do it again tomorrow. And then, to note that I just got two meals for the price of one.
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