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The Non-Hunger Diaries: How I Eat And Move {Part 2 of 2}

Posted Oct 06 2010 6:00am

Today’s post is a continuation of Monday’s post on how I eat . Today’s topic: How I move! If you’re curious about the Non-Hunger Diaries title, see this response .

A Chillax Workout Routine

I’ve been talking up  my new gym a lot lately, but I haven’t turned into your typical gym rat. I’ll admit that I’m a gym rat because I go to the gym just about every day, but my main motivation for going is the  glorious Equinox showers . Aside from the showers though, I tend to stick to  like yoga, pilates, ballet, and Nia (my new favorite workout). Not to say that these things are always “mild” – but they’re definitely customizable. You can work at the level that you’re comfortable with for that day and not feel guilty about not giving it your all.

I like to fit in some kind of movement each and every day so I’m never hesitant to take a step back in class and stick with the lower level option. In yoga I always take a few extra child’s poses; in Zumba or other cardio classes I never go full intensity for the whole hour. It’s not what feels good for my body so I just don’t do it. On the other hand if you do love giving it your all in class, go for it! (Just make sure you take a break sometimes.) For me, I enjoy moderate exercise every single day. It keeps me healthy (body and mind).

I used to walk for exercise anywhere from 1-4 miles a day, but now that I am working out consistently I take the subway more often. It’s so important to listen to your body and give it rest. Now I probably walk about 1-2 miles a day; sometimes more but sometimes less. I still think  walking is the best form of exercise (as long as you have proper form) but in a city of smelly streets, sometimes it gets to be not so fun, and it’s also getting cold. For most of history humans did lots of low intensity “exercise” all day long – we were not built to go full out for an hour and sit on our butts the rest of the day. (This is why I love  Nia .)


That’s all, folks.

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