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The No Salt Diet: Why You Should Cut Out Salt Completely

Posted May 07 2009 9:22pm 1 Comment

Salt is literally in everything we eat – soup, bread, chocolate, macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables pizza…the list is endless. But it should be avoided at all costs – it is toxic, irritating, stimulating and a potentially deadly poison to us. If you have ever had an open wound and gotten salt in it – you will know firsthand how destructive it is.

Organic salt (sodium) is an essential mineral and can be naturally found in fruits, vegetables, nut and seeds. We only need a very small amount of sodium, which can easily be supplied by these natural sources. The salt found in these natural sources is also complexed with other organic molecules. This causes them to be absorbed slowly. This contrasts with table salt (including Celtic and Sea Salts), which enters quickly through the stomach lining.

Salt, unless in its natural form in fruits and vegetables, is very dehydrating. When excess salt enters the bloodstream, the body is forced to store it between cells until the kidney can filter it. While in between cells, salt causes a burning effect on the surrounding tissue. To protect themselves, the cells release water in order to dilute the excess salt. Giving up their water means the cells lose their elasticity and shrink. This causes an imbalance in the cell’s chemistry as a result of the loss of potassium.

Having low potassium levels causes more salt to penetrate the cell walls. When the sodium level rises, water enters the cell in order to dilute it. This causes the cell to become swollen. This continuous disruption to the cell’s fluid balance, in time, scars, calcifies and destroys the muscles, valves and arteries of the entire coronary route. Salt is an accomplice to one of America’s top killers – cardiovascular disease.

The body has to compensate to maintain homeostasis when you eat salty foods. If you eat salty foods for a prolonged period of time, just like caffeine and nicotine, your body becomes dependent on salt to maintain the balance. So when you begin to reduce salt intake, you may experience physical withdrawal symptoms.

Because salt is pretty much in everything we eat (you may not even notice or taste it because you have become so accustomed to it) it is very unlikely you wouldn’t have some sort of withdrawal from it. This can be one of the factors that prevent you from losing weight – craving salty snacks.

If you want to be healthy, lose weight and improve health conditions you need to simply cut out salt (unless its in your fruits/vegetables).

Your body potentially cannot even handle a little bit of salt and why risk it when salt has been linked to hypertension, stroke, asthma, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, premenstrual tension, cancer among many other diseases.

On top of this you are messing up your taste buds. Salt doesn’t bring flavor to food like so many of us think – what it does do is overpowers your taste buds and deadens them to all sensation other than salt. This causes unnatural cravings and overeating. So if you want to have your taste buds back, enjoy natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, then cut out the salt: if not for your taste buds for your health.

The little salt our body does need we should be getting from fruits and vegetables, for example celery. Salts in fruits and vegetables are in a safe natural usable form.

Completely cut out salt from your diet, eat whole fresh ripe raw organic fruits and greens, and your salt cravings will disappear for good. You will also live a much healthier life and foods that once tasted bland will suddenly become awesomely delicious again.



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This is great but what if you dont have access to "organic" fruits and vegetables? Also the cost for eating healthy is too high which is why most people eat unhealthy. We need affordable solutions and better accessibility to accomplish this. What about meats? are Fish and Chicken off the menu in this No Salt diet? I've read alot about the salt free diet and I'm all for it but accomplishing this is a true challenge that requires more direction then just reading an article. In my opinion salt should be regulated like we did with trans fat. It needs to be removed from all foods. Thanks for the info, now getting the FDA onboard, We could probably almost eliminate Cardiovascular Disease if we didnt use salt. Guess that would not make the wallets fat for the Pharmaceutical companies now would it? ;)
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