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The mysterious case of the “cancer free” meat eaters

Posted Oct 26 2012 2:18am

I don't really have a pony in the race of the vegetarians vs. the Paleo style meat eaters. Whatever keeps me cancer free will work for me. I did thoroughly read and enjoy the book "The China Study" , which has a very convincing theory that cancer was correlated to increased animal protein intake. However, there was one big question left unanswered, which I proceeded to go out and answer for myself.

Why have there been some tribes and cultures, namely the Native American Eskimos, or Intuits as they call themselves, as well as Navajo and others, who were [supposedly] cancer free before contact with Europeans in spite of, the high intake of animal protein in their diet?

In the case of the Eskimos, their diet was quite near 100% meat depending on time of year, consuming, whale blubber, seal, salmon, caribou, fermented birds, and even bear (yum yum). The supposedly cancer free Navajo seemed to have more variety, being from a more southerly climate, but still enjoyed elk, deer, prairie dogs, rabbit, and others.

I don't think it is too hard for a logical thinker to understand why this is. Look at the Eskimos, who ate a lot of caribou. As I keep mentioning in this blog, vitamin B17, also called nitrilosides, or Laetrille, occurs naturally in about 1800 plants. It is most highly available in apricot seeds, of which I eat 7 or 8 a day for cancer prevention .

My theory on why the meat eaters such as the Intuit Eskimos had historically (not currently) low rates of cancer. Grass is very high in cancer fighting nitrilosides , which explains why grass fed beef is so much better for you. Anyway, the caribou eat the grass and tundra, the Eskimos eat the Caribou (not just the meat but other organs rich in nutrients), and since "you are what you eat" the bio-mass of the caribou is transferred to the Eskimo, thus allowing them to get these nutrients from meat, and thus allowing them to supposedly have very low instances of cancer and other "Western Diseases".

I think this will always be a controversial subject, with contradictory evidence back and forth, but I think we can look at valid evidence such as the Hopi Indians have had cancer rates of 1 in 1000 as opposed to 1 in 4 for the typical American, facts such as these can't be argued, just the confusion to why. A wealth of factual studies exist on this subject matter, and when looked at, I don't feel it can be argued……unless you like to argue and/or you are with the American Cancer Society, or American Medical Association, both of which would go out of business if we found the answers to all this. That's a cheap shot, but I had to say it!!!

In the end I know  I can't prove everything to everyone in one blog article, but I have researched all this thoroughly and extensively enough to know that quality animal protein is not a deterrent to good help, and often contributes to good health, as in getting critical Vitamin D from Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon . So far as plants are concerned, I eat a ton of them because I think we all know they are healthy, back from when we tried to avoid them as kids.

………we have to dig in and find truth for ourselves, out lives depend on it.

Below is a segment of the Nitrilosides/Vitamin B17 and cancer Video from the original Movie and Book "A World Without Cancer" , a theory brought out by Edward Griffin. Might be a little dry and unexciting for non-scientific types, but if it changes, helps, or heals someone's life, then it's well worth the 10 seconds out of my life that it takes for me to post it.

~Stay Healthy~


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