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The Most Harmful Type of Fish to Eat

Posted Apr 24 2013 8:04pm
Fish is one of the healthiest foods you can eat and serve your family. It’s a rich source of inflammation-fighting omega-3 fatty acids. However, more and more farm fish has been making its way into our food supply and unsuspecting customers have been none the wiser.
The fish you serve for dinner may look and smell healthy but something has changed just beneath the surface. Farm-raised fish may sound like an innocent term but nothing could be further from the truth.
Dangerous Chemicals in Farm Fish
Farm fish, despite the name, are not raised in vast man-made lakes or oceans with plenty of room to swim and breed naturally. They are crowded together in tiny vats with absolutely no room to swim or move. These crowded conditions are prime breeding ground for bacteria and disease.
To stave off an alarming amount of fish death rates that would surely occur in these unsanitary conditions, mega-doses of antibiotics are pumped into these helpless creatures each day. Not only is this a cruel way to raise protein for food, it also does serious damage to your health when you consume it.
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