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The Morning After

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:37pm

Okay now I’m feeling a little tired. But I’ve been productive! This morning I went to the gym and it was totally packed! I have never seen more than two other people working out in there when I’ve been there but today there were about 10 people exercising! I guess everyone wanted to burn off the weekend’s debauchery! Haha ;) Here’s what I did:

15 minutes spinning

2 sets of seated hammer curls, 10 lbs each

2 sets of shoulder press, 10 lbs each

2 sets of triceps dips on bench

2 sets of chest press, 20 lbs

2 sets of reverse crunches

2 sets of bicycle crunches

2 sets of knee-ins on the bench

Overall it was a great recovery workout. I was sweaty and tired though and spinning just wasn’t as fun as it is when I get a good night’s sleep and don’t get wasted the day before. Meh. Afterwards I had to go get gas and run errands and I just couldn’t resist this:


There’s just something about a breakfast bagel that makes everything okay. This was magnificent. It was an egg, cheddar and turkey sausage on a honey wheat bagel. I used to live next door to Einsteins in college and would always go get a big breakfast bagel the morning after a long night out. It just tastes so right. I ate 75% of the actual bagel but all of the filling (does that make sense? haha). I instantly felt a million times better.

And then I went to Super Target to get some groceries because I’ve found Super Target to be the cheapest grocery source out there. It’s even cheaper than Publix! And I just looove it. I could spend hours and hours in Target and always find things I really don’t need. Today I was pretty good though. Here’s what I got:


I’m off to pass out by the pool.

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