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The Mind!@$!@ of “Eating for Two”

Posted Sep 12 2010 10:33pm

“Eating for two” is a total myth during pregnancy.

While it’s true you DO need about 300 extra calories a day (specifically in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters; usually only 100 in the 1st trimester) weight gain recommendations are really individual and dependent more on your pre-pregnancy weight than anything else.

So given the fact that I was about 15 lbs. over my comfortable weight pre-pregnancy, I’ve had 15-20 lbs. as a target gain from the get-go from my OB — which sounded quite doable, especially when you read about what that weight REALLY is .

And truthfully, I’ve been comfortable with that gain. In fact, given where I’m at now (26 weeks/about to start the third trimester next week) I am on track to gain about that much — which makes me (and my doctor and husband and family) happy.

All I know is, to get to that gain, I need to eat more than I had been pre-pregnancy … and so I have — without much difficulty ;)

I’ve felt like I was doing fine with my eating until the past week or so. You see, I didn’t mean to … but I sure felt like I ate for two this week, or at least one and a third.

I’ve just been pretty hungry in the mornings (no matter how much I consume the previous night), and I’ve been giving in to too many junky temptations during the day, that when it came time for dinner (usually out with the in-laws who were still here til yesterday) … I ended up over-doing each day with basically the equivalent of an “extra” meal. And so a vicious cycle began.

Now truth be told, it’s probably fine. I am, after all, pregnant. And it’s  not like I’m binge eating — I’m just over-eating lately.  I also know I could probably get away with eating even a little more each day (especially when you factor in the fact that I am still exercising daily–less than before, but still “something” nearly every day).  And rationally I know one week or even two or three — won’t hurt me in the long run.

That’s not the problem.

What scares me is the mind-@!#!@ it gives me – i.e., how quickly an over-eating cycle can begin …which I’d like to nip before it becomes an actual cycle.

I’m sharing this today because in spite of feeling great, I do fear falling into old habits — not of the disordered kind, but of the over-eating/emotional eating kind that got me heavy in the first place and spurred my joining of Weight Watchers back in 2004. I don’t want to set a trend now that will be difficult to break after my baby is born.

I also feel like I could make better choices, if not for me — for my baby. I know the past few weeks were an exception because my in-laws were here (i.e., many meals out) … but that excuse doesn’t cut it.  So since obviously I can’t go back, all I can do is what anyone would do: forge ahead.

Simply put, I want to have a healthier, more balanced week this week. I definitely feel better when I’m eating cleaner; that’s for sure!  And I know how to do it. For me, meal planning is key. It doesn’t mean I’ll be married to my menu, but it does help so I can make sure I get good nutrients in before junk ;)

How about you? What are your tips for jumping back on the cleaner-eating bandwagon after a series of over-indulgences?

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