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The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood ILLUSTRATED mobi

Posted Jul 10 2010 6:58pm

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood ILLUSTRATED mobi

This is an electronic edition of the complete book complemented by author biography and illustrations. This book features the table of contents linked to every chapter. The book was designed for optimal navigation on the Kindle, PDA, Smartphone, and other electronic readers. It is formatted to display on all electronic devices including the Kindle, Smartphones and other Mobile Devices with a small display.


Robin Hood is an archetypal figure in English folklore, whose story originates from medieval times, but who remains significant in popular culture where he is known for “stealing from the rich and giving to the poor” and fighting against injustice and tyranny. His band includes a “three score” group of fellow outlawed yeomen – called his “Merry Men”.

- Excerpted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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5 Stars Stories of Adventure and Merriment
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood is an excellent book of small stories. One will discover this book provides an ocean of emotions and entertainment. Some of the adventures you will laugh at because of the hilarious sly side to Robin Hood and his band of merry men. If you want hilarity and laughter this is an excellent book. Adventurous excursions are also plentiful in this book. Some may want blood and guts adventure but this book provides more of innocent adventures that include wit, charm, strategy, and deception.

When considering this book one will encounter older English language. This though does not stop one from enjoying the adventures in each part. If you struggle with older English read for a couple of chapters and you will easily get the hang of it. Also older English provides more of a sensual and realistic feel to the story because this is a medieval tale. The wording puts you in that time frame.

It contains some pictures to help the reader formulate an imaginative image of that time. Although if you are expecting a picture book this is not it. When comparing this to other books it is an enjoyable laid back story. I laughed in many parts because of Little John, Robin Hood, and other members of his group’s funny comebacks with extreme wit.

I highly recommend this book for various purposes. This book can be for children to adults. Read it parts not just chapters. Each part is a riveting tale in itself. It may seem slow in some parts but will pick up quite fast. At the end of the book you would wish the story would continue but to all things comes an end. Enjoy it and I am sure you would even want to re read in the future.

4 Stars a good book
A very exciteing book, but with some flaws such as: most people have no idea of what words like alas, alack-a-day and woe mean. but otherwise it is a great book

5 Stars A true classic
Told with charm and gusto, here are the “true” merry tales of Robin Hood. No goofy guys in tights here, but loyal fellows proudly donning hunter green to join the band of outdoors men, out of work and outlawed by an unjust government that confiscates unfair taxes from the unfortunate.

1 Star Misplaced book?
This book is listed in the Mystery and Thriller section of Kindle Books. Duh?

It’s a great traditional tale but it ain’t a mystery and it sure ain’t a thriller.

Maybe they meant Kiddies Books?

3 Stars No Illustrations in (Most) Kindle Editions
It pains me that people are reading this without the illustrations. (Referring to Kindle edition).

Howard Pyle was the first person in the modern era to collect all the Robin Hood ballads that had come down from the midieval era and put them into a modern format, structured as stories and so forth. Essentially every version of Robin Hood in the past century has drawn on Howard Pyle’s Robin Hood as its major source, and reading this book is the best way to understand why the minor characters in (for example) Kevin Costner’s “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves” are named things like “Will Scarlet” or “Much the Miller’s Son.”

I was given this book to read as a child, and it was and still is one of my all-time favorites (although I always avoided reading the final chapter, which Pyle even warns his readers they may want to do). The elevated, pseudo-elizabethan style even helped me later on — when I got to Shakespeare in school, the language was easy for me, because I’d been reading Howard Pyle since I was eight.

The problem with this ebook version is that it doesn’t contain the illustrations, though. And that’s simply unforgivable. Howard Pyle is today better known as an illustrator than as a writer. He was the art teacher who taught people like Arthur Rackham and N.C. Wyeth. His illustrations are immensely rich and detailed, and as full of period accuracy and background research as his writing was. It’s an unforgivable shame to miss them.

Versions of this book can be found online free with illustrations. Don’t bother with this version, as it doesn’t have them. Reading this book without the illustrations is like taking an oscar-winning film and just listening to the sound with the screen blacked out. You can do it, but why?

EDIT: There are now many Kindle versions of this book, all cross-linked so they share reviews. Currently at least, none of the free versions have illustrations; the 99-cent version marked “illustrated” does appear to have most of them, but severely cropped, without many of Pyle’s marginalia and scrollwork.

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