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The Mayo Clinic Diet Eat Well Enjoy Life Lose Weight

Posted Nov 08 2010 2:37pm

The Mayo Clinic Diet Eat Well Enjoy Life Lose Weight

From Mayo Clinic, a leading authority on health and nutrition, comes The Mayo Clinic Diet, the last diet you’ll ever need.

Get a quick and gratifying start with Lose It!, the phase of the diet designed to help you lose up to six to ten pounds in just two weeks. Eat the foods you love – in moderation – in the Live It! phase, which is designed to help you continue to lose one to two pounds a week (and keep them off!).

Finally, here’s the diet that helps you accomplish real and lasting weight-loss. This diet is no fad, but a solid, common sense approach brought to you by an organization that is an award-winning health information resource. Nor does The Mayo Clinic Diet require expensive ingredients (which can make a diet difficult to maintain in the long run.)

Through simple, healthy adjustments to your lifestyle, The Mayo Clinic Diet gives you the tools you need to achieve the success you want.

In two easy phases, The Mayo Clinic Diet helps you lose weight and keep it off for life.

In two simple phases, you’ll be on the road to a healthy weight for the rest of your life. Packed with lots of extra encouragement – meal planners, recipes, tips for overcoming challenges, starting an exercise plan, and much more – The Mayo Clinic Diet gives you everything you need in one book.

Toss out the scales and calculators and pick up the foods you love. This is the diet you’ve been waiting for!

2 Stars Not enough info
With this book coming from the Mayo Clinic, I expected more usable information geared to a reader familar with their web site..What I received was a beginner type book just talking about basic nutrition, etc; I thought would be more menus, recipes and up beat guidance for your more mature reader.

3 Stars Common Sense Information
I purchased the book and the journal, I’m not sure if it was worth the price. It containes good common sense information that we all forget along the way. The food pyramid was the best thing I came away from the book with. This is one thing we never think of. We think of skipping meals to loose weight first, this does work, I’m the Queen of that, but you always gain most of it back. Since reading the book I have lost 11 pounds, only because all the info was put back in the front of my head where it should be. I rated the book a 3 but probably would realistically give it a 4.

4 Stars Sound plan, but hard to find information at times
I like the concepts, and have been following the plan for almost a week. Three pounds down. I have a local fresh vegetable/fruit market and this way of eating is very economical for me.

My only problem with the book is a lack of proper indexing. I’ll admit that I didn’t sit down and read the book cover-to-cover on the first day. As I got into the areas of food and preparation, I had questions about what types of spices and sauces are o.k. to use while cooking, but the index and table of contents were not very helpful. The words “seasonings,” “spices” and “preparation” were not indexed.

A cookbook developed by a leading health institution should be a tad more user-friendly. I would happily give the book/eating plan five stars if I had not had these difficulties.

5 Stars Food & exercise are both habits – add the good, ditch the bad
We all know how we get stuck in food habits, whether its Sunday morning Starbucks coffee or Saturday afternoon Costco pizza. The Mayo Clinic Diet is short and simple – you lose weight by changing your habits and shouldn’t start their two-week LOSE IT! plan until you’re ready to commit to Adding 5 habits and Breaking 5 habits. In our hearts, we all know the only way to lose weight & keep it off is to change how we feel about healthy food and exercise, and this book keeps it simple. It also allows UNLIMITED fruits & veggies, and dieters love any program with the word UNLIMITED that doesn’t refer to cabbage soup!!! Remember, it only takes 100 extra calories a day to gain ten pounds in a year, so changing even a few food/exercise habits can stop the weight gain or chip off a few pounds.

3 Stars 5-star and 1-star reviews are both right
Some reviewers give this book 5 stars, others give it 3. So how do you know whom to believe? I think I can help you.

This book is NOT for you if
- You are looking for a magic weight loss plan, or a new theory of weight control

- You are looking for a lot of recipes

This book MIGHT be for you if
- You subscribe to the old, tried-and-true formula for weight loss (eat fewer calories, exercise more), but need to know the details and need some help in getting, and staying, motivated.

The book is based on a version of the familiar food pyramid, and the diet can be summarized as: Eat a lot — in fact as much as you want — of fruits and vegetables (most of your favorites will be allowed, and you can eat them raw or cooked, and use fresh or frozen, and in some cases canned). Eat limited, though reasonable, amounts of carbs, protein and dairy, and fats. Exercise 30 minutes a day.

If you try it, good luck to you. I’m trying it, too; good luck to me as well.

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