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The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter

Posted Nov 29 2010 5:20pm

The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter

The key to amping your body to its full fat-burning potential—now in your pocket!
Jillian Michaels’s Master Your Metabolism plan has already helped millions achieve hot healthy bodies naturally through nutrition and hormone balance. Now she’s made optimal health even easier by putting key resources into this on-the-go guide. No matter where you’re making your food choices—at home, dining out, or in the grocery store—this guide makes staying on the Master Plan simple and straightforward.
The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter is packed with information that makes it the ultimate compendium for anyone leading a Master-full life.
• Complete nutritional information for over 5,000 foods—carbs, fat, calorie, and hormone-positive, negative, or neutral counts
• Best and worst choices at dozens of national restaurant chains
• What to shop for in beauty and home-care products
• Master Disaster foods you’ll want to stay far away from!
• Hormone-positive power nutrient food lists

2 Stars Pretty much a waste of money.
On the pro side: She does offer good nutritional advice, although much of it should already be common knowledge.

On the con side: The book is very unorganized with a poor table of contents and no index, making it very difficult to locate specific items. Worse, the book has errors in nutritional information, and omissions of some common foods. I just tossed my copy in the trash and ordered another book which seems to be more complete and alphabetized.

5 Stars Best calorie counter yet.
I have used many different calorie counters in the past, but this one exceeds them all. This book contains fat, carbs and protien counts for every food listed. Very helpful since most books leave out protien. It also contains a quick reference guide of chemicals and additives to avoid. This is invaluabe. I take it with me every time I go to the grocery store or out to eat. If you liked Master Your Metablolism, this is a must have addition.

5 Stars Love the variety its offered us-not sure about the master your metabolism claim
I did not buy the book to lose weight or to master my metabolism. I bought it because I really admire what Jillian Michaels is doing and I knew the book would definitely plus our dinner table and it has. I’ve made several recipes from the book and even my “Meat and Potatoes Only” husband liked them.

I highly recommend the pork medallions with pomegranate sauce. It is so easy to make and very tasty. My only criticism of the book is the light color of ink they use for the actual recipe. It is very hard to read. Otherwise, I highly recommend.

4 Stars A Must Have Book
Very easy to read & look through; helpful tables throughout. I have a post it on p. 144 “how many nuts or seeds in a serving?” that I refer to all the time. The explanation on how our hormonal balance or imbalance, food, exercise, stress are related is really great. I suggest reading a few chapters at the gym while you’re on a treadmill or elliptical, because it’s easy to feel extremely anxious with the amount of information there is in this book. The reason I left out one star is my confusion over p. 196. I’m not sure how realistic the master your meal plans at the end of the book is, even for someone just starting to eat breakfast, to eat right and lose weight. For example, for breakfast, it says to start with 4 egg whites & 1 cup of oatmeal or 2 eggs and 1 slice of Ezekiel bread or 1 cup of greek yogurt with 1 cup mixed berries to list a few. All these options are doable but they lack enzyme rich foods & VARIETY. For lunch…the same thing: 5 ounces of seared tuna & 1/2 cup of quinoa, or 5 ounces of chicken breast & 1 serving of baked corn chips and 1/8 avocado, or 5 ounces of sirloin & 1/2 cup white beans. If enzymes are so important to all around good nutrition and health, where are all the vegetables? This is what I’m confused by the most. Vegetables have nutrients and fiber that I think can help you stay satiated until your next meal, which according to the book, is lunch time, 4 hours after you have eaten breakfast! I would augment any one of these meals with a homemade salad that includes celery and salsa/lemon if you have and as for the eggs, spice them up with onions, tomato and bell peppers. The Recipes confused me as well because they serve 4 people, so you have to try your best in making adjustments to make a single serving for yourself to avoid eating more…but then a single serving doesn’t seem enough: take for example the berry smoothie for day 2 breakfast that supposedly serves 4 people of : 1 cup milk, 1 cup greek yogurt, the frozen blueberries & strawberries, ice, flaxseed, 1/4 c applesauce & 1 tbsp honey or stevia extract packet. In this recipe, for one serving, the protein it provides would be 1/4 of a cup of each the milk & the yogurt, & maybe .75 g from the flaxseed, the frozen berries don’t have that much protein. I’m not a nutritionist, but is that enough? Lunch isn’t until 4 hours later…if you can benefit from having time to exercise sometime after breakfast, then I guess it all works out because working out burns fat stores for energy plus suppresses the appetite, so you’d be ready by lunch time & not counting the hours or minutes until then.

2 Stars Good info, but incomplete and poorly organized
I like the concept of this book, and appreciate the advice given in the first portion. It is interesting an useful. The counter portion, however, if broken down into categories, then poorly-labled sub-categories, then alphabetized. Finding the item is a process at best, and frequently the item is not available. Stick with getting advice from books dedicated just to that, and get your self a good nutritional counter that is alphabetized only.

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