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The Mangosteen Juice Scam

Posted Jun 29 2008 2:04pm 3 Comments

mountainflower.jpgIf you think a $40 dollar bottle of juice is going to cure all that ails you, then I have a mountain to sell you right here in Washington State!

The mountain typically retails for forty billion dollars.

However, if you simply join my pyramid scam, become a distributor, and enroll all your friends and family in my program, then I will generously allow everyone the use of Mt. Rainier for the LOW LOW price of just forty bucks a week. Research shows that mountain climbing is a cure all, as exercise is associated with weight loss, reduced anxiety, improved mood, lowered blood sugar levels, reduced cholesterol, and increased bone mineral density.

Climbing mountains will also likely stimulate your immune system, prevent heart disease, cure constipation, and generally give you a more positive outlook on life! Please contact me if you are interested in making this life saving purchase and enrolling in my program or becoming a distributor!

I’m sorry, but if one more person emails me about mangosteen, I think I will scream.

Mangosteen is a Southeast Asian fruit that is proclaimed to have highantioxidantlevels and thus “amazing healing properties”.

First of all from a botanical standpoint, ALL fruits contain HIGH antioxidant levels because unlike the leaves of the plant that utilize the sun’s harsh UV rays to make sugar, the fruits lack the cellular biology needed to engage in photosynthesis. Without antioxidants, the fruit of the plant would shrivel in the sun and die.

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) measures the antioxidant capabilities of foods to quench unstable disease causing molecules in the body called “free radicals”. Consistently topping the ORAC charts as the healthiest antioxidant sources arepomegranates, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, and prunes. After hours of research, I have yet to see actual independent laboratory confirmation on the supposed “high ORAC score of mangosteen”.

Furthermore, our commonly consumed high antioxidant fruits can be picked up locally for the most part, and are dirt cheap in comparison to a bottle of mangosteen juice, or other tropical fruit hype like acai and noni juice.

Common fruits are healing enough.

You do not need a fruit from South East Asia preserved in syrup to do this for you, when the same “magical healing properties” are probably growing in your own back yard.

Mangosteen retailers claim on their websites that mangosteen reduces inflammation, heals the digestive tract, cures arthritis, prevents and treats cancer, cures a variety of skin ailments, and much more.

Well you know what?

So do a lot of fruits and vegetables! Why do you think I startedKitchen Table Medicine? Because I wanted to promote the healing foods that grace our kitchen tables.

Let’s take garlic for instance, garlic has been proven to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and lowers blood pressure- amongst many other fabulous therapeutic properties noted in the article“The Many Uses of Garlic”.

Now what if garlic was persnickety and only grew well in one small region of the world?

What if some multi-level marketing company manufactured garlic in a pyramid scheme?

What then?

What if we all paid $40 a week for the healing power of garlic?

I think it is possible to classify mangosteen as BOTH hype and help. After reviewing the 73 research articles onwww.PubMed.govabout the healing properties of mangosteen, formally known as Garcinia mangostana, I am not completely convinced that it is worth the $40 bucks a bottle. Yes,the xanthones in mangosteen clearly have medicinal properties. But, as a therapeutic agent, mangosteen is more expensive than most outrageously priced prescription drugs! To attain the necessary purported effects one would need to consume upward of $160-$200 a month of this juice.

As a naturopathic physician, I am hesitant to be overly excited about mangosteen for the following six reasons:

  1. Many fruits and vegetables exhibit similar healing properties.
  2. Mangosteen is extremely expensive as a result of multi-level marketing cost inflations. Quit trying to tell everyone that MLM saves them money! That is brainwashing. Even if you are a distributor, you are likely spending double the market value. In the case of mangosteen juice, it has to be quadruple or more, as mangosteen fruit purchased in Malaysia is pretty dirt cheap compared to the juice sold by MLMers.
  3. Inflammation is just a numbers game. Just because you are consuming antioxidants every day, does not necessarily mean that you are canceling out all the free radicals you are eating in your diet that come from fried and processed foods, fatty foods, and meats.
  4. I have yet to find any independent laboratory evaluations of Mangosteen such as what may be found atConsumer Labs. Without independent laboratory evaluation there is absolutely no guarantee that what is on the label is what is on the bottle. You could be drinking REALLY expensive prune juice.
  5. Juice or syrup is not an adequate delivery mechanism for a therapeutic agent. Diabetes is a national epidemic. People need less sugar, not more.
  6. Most juice manufacturers are making juice from the “whole fruit” when the healing components in the research are derived from the rind of the fruit. The white fleshy inner portion of the fruit has no known medicinal properties.
  7. You are not buying just mangosteen juice: it is typically a blend of other high antioxidant fruits such as apple, grape, blueberry, and raspberry juice. Manufacturers do not state on the labels how much mangosteen juice (if any) is included.

As a rule I never recommend any products that participate in multi-level marketing.

I am not saying that some may or may not be good, I just won’t promote them because I disagree with their marketing tactics. Usually the first sign that a product is poor quality, aside from being full offood coloring, is that it is sold through these pyramid systems. At the very best they are just decent products that are unreasonably expensive as a result of their over-inflated claims. At the very worst you are paying for high priced CRAP.

If products containing mangosteen have not been evaluated by an independent laboratory such as Consumer Labs, there is no guarantee that what is on the label is actually on the bottle. I follow the latest reports religiously and it seems that manufacturing standards in Asia are consistently of poor quality. Lead contamination being a predominant issue. In addition, Americans should support the American economy by purchasing products that are American home-grown, home-made, and manufactured.

I cannot discount that the xanthones in mangosteen likely have therapeutic properties, but I have to take a minute to be the nature cure voice of reason about this ridiculously overpriced juice. Until the price comes down and it does not cost someone nearly $200 a month to use as a therapeutic, this natural medicine in my mind is no better than an overly priced drug advertised during the Super Bowl.

Mangosteen needs to be bumped out of the limelight by blueberries.


BecauseBLUEBERRIESARE A MUCH CHEAPER SUPER FRUIT! Blueberries have the biggest bang for your buck. Blueberries are delicious, they are a potent anti-inflammatory medication, they are fabulous for diabetics, the pigments protect your microvasculature with their high proanthocyanin content, they score high on the ORAC for theirantioxidantproperties, AND most importantly, they grow around us locally. Let’s not waste the environment that much more by promoting the gas guzzling shipping of foreign foods when we have local farmers that need our support right here in America.

If you really want to do what is best for your health, as well as the health of our country and our earth, then support your local blueberry, raspberry, cherry, grape, and plum growers.

With that being said, if you can afford a $40 dollar bottle of juice, and you think it makes you feel better, then by all means…drink up! Otherwise, if you are simply looking toreduce inflammationby increasing the consumption of antioxidants in your diet, then eat your fruits and vegetables, drink green tea, follow aWhole Foods Diet, removearachidonic acidfrom your diet, and support the agriculture that grows around you locally by purchasing organic foods from farmer’s markets.

Better yet…grow your own!

There is no “magical bullet” people. If there was, I would be on it. Trust me.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, and mangosteen is all that and a bag of chips, if so I’ll gladly let one of you MLMers sign me up for a weekly bottle of mangosteen juice for the rest of my life!

Thanks for stopping by my kitchen table!

~ Dr. Nicole Sundene

Naturopathic Physician


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Dr. Sundene:

With all due respect to your article on Mangosteen juice, at age 61, I am in great health, have been eating right for over 20 years and have less than 5% plaque in both of my corroded arteries, despite my family history. 

However, at some time in my late 30s, I started having Acute Acid Reflux, for which my doctors prescribed everything available in the Pharma world, but after about 6 months, I became 'immune' to each one of them and they no longer worked for me... so I felt doomed to have this condition the rest of my life and just knew what I could eat or drink, and what I could not.

At age 43-44, I started producing multiple kidney stones, filling each kidney, continuously.  My Urologist had tests run, put me on special diets and drinks, but nothing helped.  In fact, I had a slight deficience in my body calcium count also.  My stones were sent to Mayo Clinic, labs over the US, then Canada, then Europe.  NO ONE could say WHY I was having so many stones, so frequently, except very weakly that they could be caused by 'stress'.  Please.

 After 10.5 yrs of stone attacks, numerous trips to the Emergencry Rooms, multiple invasive surgeries to remove them physically and  some blasted by laser, if I was lucky, which was not often ... I felt doomed I would be having kidney stones the rest of my life.

Then a friend introduced me to XanGo.  I thought WHY NOT?  I had tried every other drink, juice, potion, concoction, pill and whatever, to NO avail, but I would keep trying anything, everything that the medical and pharma fields could NOT help me with at all.  Then along came XanGo.

It worked!!  XanGo Mangosteen Juice WORKED!!  For 7 years now since my first drink of XanGo (at that time BOTH kidneys were filled with stones and my Urologist wanted to schedule yet another invasive surgery), I NO LONGER HAVE KIDNEY STONES AND I NO LONGER HAVE ACUTE ACID REFLUX .... AT ALL.

I don't profess to know HOW or WHY, they are just BOTH GONE ... and that is all I know ... and all I care about.  NOTHING else had been able to help at all, so why wouldn't I stay with XanGo for 7 more years now?

I have always been very conscious about my diet and my health, but none of the abundance of veggies and fruits, protein, vitamins or minerals were able to help eliminate either the stones or the reflux AT ALL by themselves, or in combination with each other.  There was also, very obviously, nothing in the Pharma world that would help either.  Not to mention all the Naturalistic, Holistic or Homeopathic things I tried over the years also.

ONLY XANGO has been able to accomplish these thing for me and I am ecstatic. Needless to say, I have been a distributor almost 7 years now of XanGo and my Testimonials alone to other people have caused them to want to try XanGo for whatever their medical needs were also.  XanGo has literally sold itself, right by itself, I am just the messenger.

Not to mention what a fine, upstanding, Christian, supportive company XanGo is has been for me and all its distributor. In its 8th year, it is still going strong and all of we Distributors still have our wonderful 'jobs', despite the economy decline and unemployment rise in the U.S.  We are now, in the last two years, across the globe and still being introduced with great success in other countries.

 I have a very successful career with XanGo and will spread the good news about it to anyone and everyone I see for many, many years to come.  I have over 300 testimonials from my clients and customers alone, not to mention a collection of other XanGo testimonials I have gotten from other distributors and people who take it.

In the last 2 years, XanGo's Mangosteen Juice is no longer its only product, as the company has branched into vitamin supplements and skin/body care products, ALL with the whole fruit Mangosteen in each product.  Often our orders are on back order for several days, because XanGo and all its other products are in HIGH demand.

If anyone would like to know more about XanGo and all of its awesome products, they can contact me at .

Thank you.

Dr. Dean Edell took a swipe at the multi-level marketing of Xango and Acai-like products on his nationally syndicated radio show, asking listeners "Why pay forty dollars for a six dollar bottle of fruit juice?"  I did get interested in Xango and attended a couple of hotel conference room seminars, which turned out to be nothing more than sales hype.  No matter what MLM adherents say, it's a pyramid scheme, or, more accurately, a pyramid scam.  As for the recovery of Pat Daz, does the term "spontaneous remission" come to mind? 

Well the fact that Dr Sundene at least had an open mind and admitted that mangosteen does in fact have healing and health maintaining properties. With that said it seems she and others fall in to the misconception of the MLM approach to distribution. I challenge any one after reading this article to find WHOLE FRUIT mangosteen juice for less than the $40 price. Ask yourself why it is not sold for cheaper in WalMart? You can find the Acai berry juice in WalMart for substaially less than the Monavie price of $45 per bottle, but where is the mangosteen? The independant published research on the mangosteen is ovewhelming and classifing a product as a pyramid scheme only shows your ignorance of what a pyramid scheme even is.(TomatoMike) If you don't know what a pyramid scheme is keep your hyperbole to yourself. The Doctor TomatoMike touts is known for recomending parasitic worms for stomach problems, can you sat quack? The anecdotal evidence is more than enough to show that mangosteen works. Overpriced fruit juice? I might agree with you if your were talking about a fancy french wine for the same price. Wine=Fruit juice, albeit femented, but still fruit juice. The price is dictated by what the customer is willing to pay, theChevy Volt is a prime example of that, someone might be willing to buy an electric car but the price of $40,000 is going to keep alot of customers away, the customers who can afford that price will continue to buy BMW's and the like. And one more thing TomatoMike does the term "Condecending" or "smug" come to mind?


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