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The Kind Diet A Simple Guide to Feeling Great Losing Weight and Saving the Planet

Posted Oct 10 2010 3:40am

The Kind Diet A Simple Guide to Feeling Great Losing Weight and Saving the Planet


4 Stars good book
I have been a vegetarian for years, but every once in a while eat a vegan diet. I love the receipes that Alicia Silverstone has in this book. If you are interested in just eating healthy or becoming a vegan this would be a great starter book.

1 Star totally completely misleading is more accurate diet
alica silverstone was the cover model and spokesperson, I doubt honestly if she ever tried any or even half of these recipes herself… the dr is the entire book save the cover picture, he did however included his wife’s photo endless times to make sure everyone knew who was any real calabrator or help to him. He needed silverstone to sell the book but what he seems to forget no matter how kind the veg diet is alot of hospitals and drs offices are having alot more complains from tiredness, insomina, digestive problems, becoming anemic (aka redblood cell count goes dangerously low aka could be fatal or makes your body weak to fight off simple things such as cold flus or even larger unexpected things) as well as muscle strength and one of the worst problems is not getting enough protien or iron in their diet hence comes from eating meat more then just once in a blue moon. Anytime a burn victim or one that has broken bones comes in the first thing they ask once the intial assestment and treatment have started to help fix is speeding the recovery. AKA they learn if you don’t eat meat they warn you, you need to its the only way to build up enough core muscle and bone strength to help mend you 30 times faster and safer. But this book is more about name calling and who’s who in the world of who did what paper and what was the idea behind said title, I am sure all the drs were thrilled to death to be mentioned and it will further this one dr career after so much back patting on others. But the recipes are ill represented and ill prepared leaving those that try it to figure out the chaos themselves, so even as a so called vegetarian book it sadly is a bad one… Plus what alot of people don’t know the more papers, articles and books you have published good or not so good, your name goes higher up on a list for grants and donations to your various other so called research … alot of which is good for those serious minded in their fields to help others human and animal and plant alike but then you get the few that slap a pretty picture on the front give it a whismical title or headline and then throw half ass effort into the rest. So I honestly think there are better people out there that did more then just alot of name dropping but included it and actually live it and aren’t slapping a pretty face on the front…. just to make a few dollars. But has actually learned and helped others in more ways then they know will ever benfit them personally.

3 Stars Her heart’s in the right place, but…
I applaud Alicia Silverstone for the personal choices she’s made, and for encouraging others to pursue better health. But I also think this book could have benefited from a collaboration with an actual cookbook writer. While one part of the book is aimed at those just “flirting” with the idea of going vegetarian, it doesn’t come off as a beginner’s book at all.

One thing the book, and its readers, really could have benefited from is a glossary. What is daikon? Where is it found? How do you select it? What do you look for? What does it taste like? What should it taste like? Someone who’s never had it or cooked with it before needs a baseline to work from. I know what onion tastes like raw, how to cook it for different desired effects, and how to choose good ones and avoid bad ones. But daikon? Not a clue. That’s just one example. There are many, many ingredients, whether vegetables or products like Vegenaise that I’ve never had and could use a little guidance on. Not to mention, some of those things are expensive. I’d kind of like to know what I’m getting myself into before I spend five bucks on a jar of vegetarian mayonnaise. A glossary with basic information about the ingredients she uses would have been immensely helpful.

I’m sure there are great books out there for those trying either a vegetarian or vegan way of life for the first time. But I think this book isn’t one of them.

5 Stars Superhero Vegan with a Push toward Macrobiotic Eating
Alicia Silverstone’s book, “The Kind Diet”, is a wonderful explanation of how and why someone would adopt a Vegan lifestyle. She carries you through her thought process smoothly and gracefully. It is a great read with wonderful recipes in the last chapters, recipes she uses everyday. Sign up at her website for more info and questions. She is delightful. There is a vegetarian diet, a vegan diet and then a truly healthier Vegan diet which recommends nothing but whole grains, vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds. More difficult to maintain, but I believe it is truly the way we should all be eating for optimum health. If you are exploring better ways to fuel your body, this is a great read! I highly recommend it.

5 Stars Wonderful
Let me start this off by saying I have never written a review for anything, ever. I have purchased great products before but I never thought them great enough to compose a review. This book is wonderful. I have been interested in going vegan for a while, and I purchased the book “Skinny Bitch” hoping that it would inform me. It just sort of promoted highly processed vegan foods that really wont help you lose weight, or buy sustainably. This book is completely different. Alicia explains wonderfully all the benefits of giving up what she calls “nasty foods”. The recipes are delicious, and the chocolate peanut butter cups may just be one of the best things I have ever tasted. The only one issue is that alot of the recipes require very odd foods that I cant find even at whole foods. Definitly worth the money though, you wont regret it!

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