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The iPhone Developers Cookbook Building Applications with the iPhone 3 0 SDK 2nd Edition

Posted Jun 25 2010 8:28pm

The iPhone Developers Cookbook Building Applications with the iPhone 3 0 SDK 2nd Edition

“This book would be a bargain at ten times its price! If you are writing iPhone software, it will save you weeks of development time. Erica has included dozens of crisp and clear examples illustrating essential iPhone development techniques and many others that show special effects going way beyond Apple’s official documentation.”

Tim Burks, iPhone Software Developer, TootSweet Software

“Erica Sadun’s technical expertise lives up to the Addison-Wesley name. The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook is a comprehensive walkthrough of iPhone development that will help anyone out, from beginners to more experienced developers. Code samples and screenshots help punctuate the numerous tips and tricks in this book.”

Jacqui Cheng, Associate Editor, Ars Technica

“We make our living writing this stuff and yet I am humbled by Erica’s command of her subject matter and the way she presents the material: pleasantly informal, then very appropriately detailed technically. This is a going to be the Petzold book for iPhone developers.”

Daniel Pasco, Lead Developer and CEO, Black Pixel Luminance

The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook should be the first resource for the beginning iPhone programmer, and is the best supplemental material to Apple’s own documentation.”

Alex C. Schaefer, Lead Programmer, ApolloIM, iPhone Application Development Specialist, MeLLmo, Inc.

“Erica’s book is a truly great resource for Cocoa Touch developers. This book goes far beyond the documentation on Apple’s Web site, and she includes methods that give the developer a deeper understanding of the iPhone OS, by letting them glimpse at what’s going on behind the scenes on this incredible mobile platform.”

John Zorko, Sr. Software Engineer, Mobile Devices

“I’ve found this book to be an invaluable resource for those times when I need to quickly grasp a new concept and walk away with a working block of code. Erica has an impressive knowledge of the iPhone platform, is a master at describing technical information, and provides a compendium of excellent code examples.”

John Muchow, 3 Sixty Software, LLC; founder,

“This book is the most complete guide if you want coding for the iPhone, covering from the basics to the newest and coolest technologies. I built several applications in the past, but I still learned a huge amount from this book. It is a must-have for every iPhone developer.”

Roberto Gamboni, Software Engineer, AT&T Interactive

“It’s rare that developer cookbooks can both provide good recipes and solid discussion of fundamental techniques, but Erica Sadun’s book manages to do both very well.”

Jeremy McNally, Developer, entp

Want to get started building applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch? Already building iPhone applications and want to get better at it? This is the only book that brings together all the expert guidance–and the code–you’ll need!

Completely revised and expanded to cover the iPhone 3.0 SDK, The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook is the essential resource for developers building apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Taking you further than before, this new edition starts out with an introduction to Objective-C 2.0 for developers who might be new to the platform. You’ll learn about Xcode and Interface Builder and learn how to set up and configure your iPhone Developer account. Additional highlights of this new edition include:

Using the iPhone SDK’s visual classes and controllers to design and customize interfaces

Using gestures, touches, and other sophisticated iPhone interface capabilities

Making the most of tables, views, view controllers, and animations

Alerting users with progress bars, audio pings, status bar updates, and other indicators

Using new Push Notifications to send alerts, whether your app is running or not

Playing audio and video with the MediaKit

Working with the Address Book, Core Location, and Sensors

Connecting to the Internet, Web services, and networks

Embedding flexible maps with MapKit and Google Mobile Maps

Building multiplayer games with GameKit

Using Core Data to build data-driven applications

Selling add-on content and services with In-App Purchasing using StoreKit

Building accessible apps with Accessibility Plus

The unique format of The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook presents the code you need to create feature-rich applications that leverage the latest features of the iPhone 3.0 SDK. Over 30,000 iPhone developers turned to the first edition of The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook. So should you!

5 Stars The Best I ever bought, and superb service from Amazon!
I had the best experience in my life about buying books when I did it for this book, on this site. I receive a great support for tracking the shipment and as soon I got the book, I started to eat it. Its very impressive how the author seems to know exactly what you are working on, and what you need and to be perfect, teach you the best and short way to get what you want. This book is not for beginners, but intermediate instead and advanced. Wonderful and I recommend it a lot…

4 Stars Excellent Book for serious iPhone software development. A few typos in the source code

A systematic walk through of all the 3.0 SDK with incremental functionality demonstrated through the actual code. There are a few typos in the printed source code; however, downloaded version of source code worked well in most cases.

Erica has done painstakingly detailed job of pulling this volume together! “Thank You”

Too bad this does not cover the iPad SDK.

4 Stars Helped with some of my frustration
It can be very frustrating trying to step into the iPhone/iPad world. There are plenty of “Hello World” examples, but after that it starts getting very confusing very quickly.

Worse, some of what you’ll find is out of date – the SDK is a constantly moving target and even if it were not, there are so many different ways to accomplish the same goal that it’s very hard to know what the best approach is for your particular project(s).

I suppose this book is already out of date. I’m still going to recommend it, because it really helped clear up some things I was very confused about.

The author doesn’t recommend this as a rank beginners book. You’ll need some “Hello, world” experience first and perhaps a bit more. However, I’d recommend buying this at the same time as you buy those getting started books because the first hundred and fifty pages or so really will help you understand things the beginners books don’t mention at all.

I read the negative reviews and I understand that there may be flaws here from the viewpoint of more experienced or more pedantic reviewers. That’s OK – Erica’s book helped me and I’m quite sure it would help others.

By the way, because I’ve reviewed so many books and maintain a large technically oriented website, I often get books like this free as reviewer copies. This isn’t one of those: I paid for it and definitely feel that it was worth the price.

5 Stars The definitive textbook for iPhone development.
I’m an experienced programmer. But I haven’t coded in C in many years, and I’m new to Objective-C, Xcode, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. So I searched long and hard for a book that would assist me in gaining command of the iPhone development process. I tried all of the other popular titles. This is the only book that fills the bill. It is both a tutorial and a reference. It is a long book, and everything in it is useful. It is filled with relevant details, sample code and concise, yet thorough explanations. I’m reading it cover-to-cover and when I’m done I’ll refer to it over and again.

5 Stars Completely revised and expanded to cover the iPhone 3.0 SDK
The second edition of Erica Sadun’s THE IPHONE DEVELOPER’S COOKBOOK: BUILDING APPLICATIONS WITH THE IPHONE 3.0 SDK has been completely revised and expanded to cover the iPhone 3.0 SDK and offers an invaluable reference for any iPhone and iPod developer. From using touches and other sophisticated iPhone interfaces to using ne Push Notifications to send alerts and working with flexible maps and multiplayer games, this advanced cookbook offers many keys to iPhone development that programmers must know.

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