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The insurance companies are joining in on wellness!

Posted by Tamar F.

So, it looks like Care First/Blue Choice is seeing the light in terms of wellness and preventative medicine. Members are able to log onto their web site for health information. They have included information on things on helping your spouse quit smoking. (Can people really do things for others? I think there are 12-step groups that would say otherwise…) They even have health assessments online.

In addition, they’ve started publishing a quarterly magazine, Vitality, that addresses issues in having a “happier and healthier lifestyle”. In addition to covering a number of wellness topics, it tells members how to get the most out of their health care.

Similarly, Care First/Blue Choice has instituted wellness classes throughout the region in the areas of pregnancy, quitting smoking, weight loss and diabetes management.

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Health insurance companies need to take action like Care First/Blue Choice because people are more conscious of their need to live a healthier lifestyle, and they aren't too quick to pop a pill to solve their problems. Insurance companies must realize that the drug companies are making a mighty buck when the doctor prescribes drugs. Cheapier to promote lifestyle changes that pay for the drugs, which, eventually lead to more drug use raising the cost of health care. I say healthier lifestyle more pro-active choices makes us way happier.
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