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The Insulin Resistance Diet Revised and Updated How to Turn Off Your Bodys Fat Making Machine

Posted Sep 22 2010 12:01pm

The Insulin Resistance Diet Revised and Updated How to Turn Off Your Bodys Fat Making Machine

Conquer insulin resistance. Reduce cravings. Eat your favorite foods. And lose weight!

If you have tried every diet and are still struggling with your weight, the real culprit may be insulin resistance. When you have more glucose than your body needs, your body responds by producing more insulin to stabilize your blood sugar level and store the excess glucose as fat. In The Insulin-Resistance Diet, Cheryle R. Hart and Mary Kay Grossman show you how to control insulin resistance and lose weight without sacrificing all of your favorite foods.

Overcome insulin resistance and lose weight with:

  • The exclusive Link-and-Balance Eating Method, which balances carbs with the right amount of protein at the right time for maximum weight loss
  • Self-tests to determine your insulin resistance and check your progress with linking and balancing
  • Real-world strategies for eating at home and out on the town
  • Easy-to-make, tasty recipes and livable meal plans

5 Stars Changed my life
After seeing an episode of Dexter in which a guy was killed using insulin, I realized that the symptoms of insulin overdose were very similar to the way I had been feeling for years and years after every meal (sluggish, sleepy, speeding heartbeat, inabilty to think or concentrate).

So, I set about find a book on it and came across this one.

This book is not for every one’s body chemistry. Its only for people who have over active insulin production after eating carb-rich foods. I now know that I am one of those people.

Within the first two pages, you are given the information that removes, forever and always, any excuse you may be able to make for your self to ‘just have one’ or ‘just a little bit and I make up for it later’. It explains to you way your body is how it is and that you can no longer eat what you eat.

So, I did what this book said. And now, six months later, I am 35 pounds lighter and 10 pounds from my target weight. I feel great. I am playing basketball again. I look much better and I can almost see my abdominals muscles again for the first time in 25 years. My psoriasis is gone. My digestion is back to normal. I get over colds quicker. 90% of my health issues where all realted to insulin. Also, I gave this book to my dad, and he has lost 23 pounds.

So, again, if you have have trouble after meals or even after small carb-rich snacks, you are probably have a metabolic problem wth insulin like I do and this book will not only tell you how to stop it, it will remove all excuses – forever.

If you are one of those metabolic types, this will cure you.

4 Stars The Insulin-Resistance Diet
So far an informative and easy to understand book. I have not completed yet, but have started following the suggestions the book offers with success. I think it is a worthy read and helpful if you suffer from insulin resistance.

4 Stars Great Plan that works
I bought this book after borrowing it from a friend. It gives you a very simple solution to keep from feeling hungry and help your body turn food into energy instead of storing it as fat. I’ve read it and passed it onto my father who has diabetes. It is extremely easy to follow and you can eat any foods that you want so long as you adhere to the guidelines of when, how much, and what to eat it with. I recommend this to anyone who is trying to lose weight, loves carbs, and always feels hungry on a diet. It is a simple way to change your way of eating without giving up the foods you love.

5 Stars This book saved me
I can’t recommend this book enough. After years of battling excess weight, facial hair and painful, irregular periods due to PCOS this book saved me. I have had this condition since I was 10 yrs old. The psychological effect of this condition on me as a teenager is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I spent years going to infertility clinics and being pumped with hormones because I couldn’t get pregnant; years sweating away hours a night with a personal trainer at a gym to no avail and when I found this book, I had been on Weight Watchers for 8 months, yet I began to gain weight on it! WW told me I needed to eat more food! Every useless doctor I went to made me feel like I was doing something on purpose to be the way that I was. Finally, I found this book, went to an Endocrinologist who knew what he was talking about and within 2 months lost the 30 lbs of weight that plagued me for the last 10 years. The first thing my Endocrinologist did was take me OFF Weight Watchers. If you suffer from Insulin Resistance, WW is not for you; it’s too low on protein and permits one to eat foods high in carbohydrates without pairing it with a protein. Link and Balance through the Insulin Resistance Diet is the way to go. I learned how to eat correctly and followed this Insulin Resistance Diet, maintained the gym regime and went on 850 mg, 2x’s daily of Metformin, 2 Spironolactone daily, BC pills and within 2 months I was normal again. No more irregular periods. Less body hair and I could honestly say, I was at a normal weight – 30 lbs lighter. I didn’t starve at all and unlike WW, I didn’t “pass out” and get the shakes after I ate something, which incidentally is how my Gyno (who referred me to the Endo Specialist) caught the condition. I had eaten a Fiber Bar (2 points on Weight Watchers) 45 mins before my appt, and when I arrived they tested my insulin levels because my speech was slurred and I was passing out. Anyway, one year later, without even trying, my husband and I conceived on our own without any infertility treatment. I started ovulating on my own. Our baby is due in January.

5 Stars More than I bargained for
Ihave been struggling with my weight for years and when I read this book it all seemed to click together. The idea of linking and balancing seemed to simple. Of course I have had to get used to some new habits but this book is great for helping with all that too. It is easy to understand and makes sense. I love it and I am getting results.

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