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The Inflammation Free Diet Plan

Posted Sep 28 2010 9:57pm

The Inflammation Free Diet Plan

A revolutionary diet to help you lose weight and control disease-causing inflammation

The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan will help you achieve your ideal weight–without fad dieting–while also reducing pain and allergies, slowing the aging process, and dramatically reducing your risk for dozens of medical problems. This flexible, easy-to-follow program is the ideal nutritional solution for every member of the family.

At the heart of the program is the revolutionary IF Rating system that, for the first time, tells you the inflammatory or anti-inflammatory effects of all of the foods you eat. The IF Rating integrates more than twenty different nutritional factors, including essential fatty acids, glycemic index, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds into a single rating which guides your food choices for the day.

You no longer have to worry about choosing the right types of carbs or fats, or even counting calories–the IF Rating combines all those factors into a simple, holistic system for healthy eating! And unlike other programs that focus only on carbohydrates or fats, the IF Rating system also shows you which proteins are healthy and which provoke inflammation.

It all adds up to a uniquely healthful, easy to follow diet plan that fights illness and promotes weight loss! The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan gives you:

  • IF Ratings for more than 1,500 common foods, listed both alphabetically and by categories, such as “Breakfast Cereals” and “Meats”
  • Self-assessments for measuring your level of systemic inflammation
  • A choice of three customizable eating plans: Preventative/Maintenance, Therapeutic, and Accelerated Weight-Loss
  • Three weeks worth of daily meal plans and dozens of delicious anti-inflammatory recipes

With The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan, you’ll learn how to stop the silent enemy in its tracks and get started on the road to a longer, healthier, more vibrant life–today.

4 Stars Edible Arthritis Relief
When you are tired of hurting, don’t want medication, but DO want relief, you’ll do most anything to get it. After much research, I chose Monica Reinagel’s The Inflammation Free Diet Plan. (Click here:

The premise is that certain food, drink, and spice choices can increase/decrease the body’s responses to inflammation. For example, sugars, white flour, white rice, sweets, etc. are known to cause an inflammatory response in some individuals. The author, a noted nutritionist, explains that those are the more commonly known foods to do this. She provides an extensive listing (over 1,500 items)and the inflammation values for each. In addition, she includes recipes and meal plans to implement your newly gained knowledge.

Testimonial: Following The Inflammation Free Diet Plan’s principles for the past three weeks, I feel better. I have less inflammation, less pain, and more energy. I’m not hungry and have lost 11 pounds.

* explanations are easily understood

* broad lists of foods, drinks, spices

* meal plans to get you started

* recipes that use spices with high anti-inflammatory factor ratings

* tabulated sections would help to quickly find specific ratings

* calorie counts would be useful when planning meals

* more recipes would be a bonus

The Inflammation Free Diet Plan could help relieve your body’s inflammation and pain. It’s certainly worth a try!

5 Stars I Love This book
I love this book. It provides the information that I need to make some good choices to management inflamation. I was in need of something as I suffer from Perennial Allergies, Rhinitis, etc…in addition to going to all the doctors…I was desperate to find something to help myself on a daily basis…I have been applying a lot of the information…and have seen positive results…and have dropped about 4 lbs…just by eating the way the book outlined…I’ve only had the book a few weeks…a number of people who see me all the time said my skin and muscle tone looked good too!

5 Stars Excellent resource
I ordered this resource for a client struggling with a host of inflammatory symptoms. Using the book as a guide – as well as anti-inflammatory herbs and some other lifestyle modifications – my client has enjoyed significant improvement of her symptoms, including decreasing the use of her albuterol inhaler from 4x a day to not having used it in over a month.

“The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan” is a great multifocal resource. It
- explains the role of diet in inflammation

- provides inflammatory ratings for many common foods and ingredients

- provides sample daily diets to reach the goal inflammation factor for people looking for general or therapeutic diet intervention

- provides tasty recipes (”Very Veggie Lasagna” was a hit with three generations at the supper table last night)

The only thing I can think of as a “negative” is that some of the daily food plans have rather peculiar food pairings: broccoli (in different presentations) for both lunch and supper one day, one meal consisting of two salads, snacks that are heavy one day, very light the next.

Still, this is an excellent book (particularly with the related website [...]) to begin understanding the role of nutrition in inflammation, and making guided dietary adjustments.

5 Stars Literally Life Changing.
A friend recommended this book and I had it for 6 months before I actually started using it. That is when the pain was so great I had to go to work on cructhes instead of using a cane. In my mind, I knew , at 55 I would be in pain for the rest of my life. I started using the book and I have had no pain in the last two months. None. This is special because the pain would move from joint to joint and never took a break. I started riding my mountain bike a month afterreading the book. I am naturally loosing weight and feel like a kid again. I was always active, tennis, bike riding and table tennis, and now I know I will be back doing the things I love. I have been suffering with chronic inflammation for at least three years. Doctors gave me anti-inflamatories and warned me not to take them unless it got really bad. I stopped using the anti-inflammatories after about a week. The change was that fast. life has changed. If you suffer from inflammation, get this book now and follow it. You will be amazed!

4 Stars Has the Information I Wanted

I am changing my diet to avoid inflammatory foods, so I am finding this book useful. I’m not looking for miracles here; I am simply trying to improve my health. The more anti-inflammatory foods I eat, the better I feel, and it is awfully hard (albeit not impossible) to get in trouble with just food. True, not every food I am curious about is in the book, but enough are to help me plan menus and cook.

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