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The HCG Diet Cookbook Helping Weight Loss Happen

Posted Jun 08 2010 12:34pm 1 Comment

The HCG Diet Cookbook Helping Weight Loss Happen

Diet food that tastes great! The HCG Diet Cookbook is the cookbook to help you through the diet because it’ll help the pounds slip right off and the diet phase pass more quickly. Basically, you’ll be successful in losing the weight because the food will taste good and you won’t give up.

Not only does The HCG Diet Cookbook have a variety of recipes that conform to Dr. Simeons’ protocol, it teaches as well. Learn the about the foods allowed on the diet and the spices and herbs that make them taste wonderful, and then step into the next phase of your life with confidence.

Since these recipes are based around fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables and tailored to a no fat, no sugar, low starch approach they will work with practically any diet. The best thing about strictly adhering to the HCG diet for a month or two is that it kick starts your metabolism. Your body gets retrained to not gain 10 lbs overnight, and relearns how to process food and not freak out each time you go out to dinner with friends.

5 Stars The BEST HCG cookbook EVER!
I love this book. I especially enjoyed reading about the different foods. Some of them I had never heard about and I liked learning about them. And the recipes are excellent. My family loves what I cook for them and they are not even on the diet! I just wish there were twice as many recipes. This book along with the HCG diet is really helping me reach my desired weight.

5 Stars hcg cookbook review
I really liked the info in the book on all the foods I was allowed to eat on the HCG diet, it was very helpful, thank you

5 Stars This cookbook has been a LIFESAVER!
I received my cookbook two weeks ago and it has made the HCG diet SO much more manageable. My friends and I who are all doing HCG got together for a “cooking party” and made 10 of the recipes. The Bangladesh Beef Curry is to die for, the Spinach and Chard Meatloaf is so good I would serve it at a dinner party, also loved the unique flavor of the Chicken Apple Chard. YUM!

The recipes are easy and the print is big which is NICE. As far as serving sizes and how to count the dishes in the HCG program, I just measured out the 100 grams of meat (or a little less because it’s the cooked weight) after cooking. If the recipe called for a lot of veggies in the dish I just estimated the calories (just use common sense and overestimate if unsure).

Let’s be honest…you’ve got to do this plan for either 23 or 43 days so you’ve got to learn to eyeball things (along with weighing of course). I’ve been eating from this cookbook for 13 days and am down 10.5 pounds so far!

If you are tired of trying to figure out ways to spice up chicken, shrimp, beef, to make it palatable you NEED this cookbook!

1 Star This was a waste of money!
I bought this book to help me with my hcg diet protocol. I wanted recipes to make my endeavor a more enjoyabe one, with meals that would be tasty and satisfying. This is not what you’ll get with this book.

First off, the book is in very LARGE print, I think to help add pages to the book itself. And to aid in adding pages, one page is devoted to a vegetable, fruit, spice, recipe, etc., (get what I mean?)

Up to page 73, a page is devoted to telling of a fruit or vegetable, I’m serious, unbelievable!

The actual recipes start on PAGE 74! Page 74 for example is: STEAK. The recipe: Steak, Kosher Salt, and Freshly ground Black Pepper. That’s it! The recipes are also mixing vegetables which is not allowed on the protocol.

I don’t want to bother you with more, but trust me, avoid buying this book.

5 Stars Life Saver!
This book was a real life saver while on the HCG program because half the battle is cooking something tasty with the small selection of approved foods. The author was very creative in mixing the foods along with spices and herbs to create some really delicious dishes that I would actually eat even if not on the diet. The Spinach and Chard Meatloaf has been my favorite so far which is surprising because I have never even liked meatloaf!

The only negative about the book is that it does not state the serving size per recipe or each meals caloric value which if you are on HCG is crucial. This left a little guess work to be done which can be a challenge.

Thanks so much to the author for her hard work and contribution!

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Hello everyone,

I am saddened to hear about so many people going on the HCG Diet because they take the "research" the people that sell this stuff post on their website as facts.

In 2009, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians issued a position statement which stated:"Numerous clinical trials have shown HCG to be ineffectual in producing weight loss"

If someone achieves any permanent weight loss by using it, I would say it is probably a case of their being at a point  when they are emotionally and physically ready to drop the weight, and the HCG is just a mental tool they use to help themselves do it.

However, the extremely low calorie limit is what concerns me the most about the HCG diet. Nearly all medical experts agree that it is not safe to eat only 500 calories a day for an extended length of time. It can cause all sorts of health problems.  Please do not risk your health on their theory about the HCG only causing your body to burn fat and not muscle!

I've noticed LOTS of people that sell HCG products are filling up the diet-related health forums with "success story" posts about how great it is and how much weight they supposedly lost, along with a link to a website where you can order it. I would be very skeptical about dealing with any of those companies.

One place that has unbiased reviews and information about HCG and other diet plans is   

You can also read it about it  at Diet Scam Watch

where they have several links to scientific research on the subject.

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