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The Great Wall of China

Posted Oct 31 2010 7:53pm

More than two years ago, Mal’s grandmother gave us her beautiful china set as a wedding gift. Mal’s grandmother lives in Oregon, so she shipped the entire set across the country and took every possible precaution to ensure that each piece arrived safely.

A few weeks our wedding, Mal and I received nine enormous boxes in the mail– each of which was filled with Grandma’s china. At the time, Mal and I lived in a 600-square foot apartment, so the boxes filled our entire living room. Obviously, we couldn’t live with “The Great Wall of China” in the middle of our living room, so Mal’s parents offered to store it in their barn until we had the space to keep it.

Well, now we have the space! So, tonight, Mal and I spent more than two hours unpacking The Great Wall of China. (Picture three more boxes added to the six below! 8-O )


Each box was filled to the top with packing peanuts… or so we thought!


Inside each box was a smaller cardboard box.


Which was filled with even more packing peanuts!


The china was packed inside this smaller box.

IMG_0047.JPG IMG_0048.JPG

As we opened each box, Mal and I sifted through packing peanuts to find the china, and then we poured the packing peanuts into big trash bags.


Murphy could not make sense of any of it.


After completely unpacking The Great Wall of China, we had more than 50 individually wrapped pieces of china.




We also had 18 boxes for moving!


And nine full bags of packing peanuts!

What can we do with all of these packing peanuts!?! I don’t want to use them for moving because they make such a mess (and Murphy tries to eat them).


Mal and I were exhausted when we got home from packing peanut madness, so I whipped up a quick microwavable meal for the two of us. Cooking was the last thing that I wanted to do!



After dinner, I enjoyed two Sandwich Thins with peanut butter and pb + chocolate chips.


What a day! I’m so tired! G’night, guys! :-D

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