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The Great Balancing Act

Posted Jun 21 2010 9:01am

You may be wondering lately why I had been posting ALL my meals when I said a long time ago my blog was not going to be about that. But I assure you…there is a reason…or 2.

I created my blog to be about enjoying really good food, wine, and traveling while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Well the first two seem to be prevalent, but I haven’t really traveled outside of the country since my Italy trip . I was supposed to go to France with Chris this year, but since I had to take 2 weeks off for the ankle surgery, that trip got thrown out the window. Instead, this year I am taking numerous weekend trips all over the US.

So far I’ve traveled to:


And next weekend I’m heading to NYC with my mom for the Fancy Food Show . I’m also planning a trip to Orlando in October and a trip to San Fransisco in November for the FOODBUZZ FESTIVAL!!!

For me, traveling doesn’t mean having to leave the country. Don’t get me wrong, I want to travel the world, experience different cultures, and basically be Samantha Brown for the rest of my life, but I can still see so much inside the United States. Sometimes I forget to realize that there is so much great food and culture to appreciate here as well.

In North Carolina I had traditional Southern BBQ

In San Diego I enjoyed the flavors and tastes of gourmet food with the beachy atmosphere.

And I’m sure to experience the culture and food when I go to NYC, Orlando, and San Fransisco as well. New York City is one of my favorite places in the world to eat. There are so many hidden gems everywhere you turn. It reminds me of Europe in that sense.

Anyways…I’m getting to the point. With all that traveling, and eating out, it’s so important that I don’t make that my lifestyle, and I work hard to balance with healthier/lighter options when I’m not traveling. Sometimes this is very hard for me…other times it’s not.

With the Fancy Food Show coming up, I know there is going to be unlimited food to sample, as well as nights of drinking and eating out. So I try to plan ahead and make sure to balance everything out with lots of exercise and lighter meals before and after.

For instance I’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal and fruit:

Mega Salads filled with fiber and nutrient rich veggies:

Low fat proteins and Lean Meats:

Power Juices:

and other fun things…

I don’t know about you, but I like to enjoy myself on vacation. I don’t like to restrict myself, and I love to try everything. I love eating out, trying new restaurants, having a glass of wine, and just living it up. So in order to do this and maintain a healthy lifestyle I plan ahead and balance my meals out before and after my trips…and really the life in between the trips. And of course exercise is always a necessity . I’ve been trying to get into the gym everyday, and if I can’t make it to the gym then I try to do my own workout at home.

Staying Active is really important in a healthy lifestyle. It’s also really important to get lots of rest, stay hydrated, and to do some stretching exercises every once in a while. I find this helps me de-stress and clears my head for the week ahead.

I usually don’t exercise on vacation or during trips, but since I know there will be so much eating happening this weekend, I already made sure there was a gym at the hotel I’m staying…and it actually looks VERY nice. So you better believe I am going to take full advantage of that in the mornings before we start out day. My mom even said she would join me…AN ADDED BONUS!

So lately I’ve been showing you what I’ve been eating to show you how I balance my meals in between my indulgent trips. I am so excited for NYC this weekend, and to attend the Fancy Food Show. My mom and I have great plans and we always have the best time. And I’ll make sure to share it all with you! ;-)

Coming Up: This next week on EDBH will be review week. I have been meaning to tell you about some really great products I have either been given to sample, or products I picked up at the store that are so incredible I need to share them with you. So I hope you enjoy my reviews!!!

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