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The Gift(s) That Keep Giving

Posted Nov 30 2010 6:44pm
With the average cost of a gym membership hovering around $50 per month along with hefty initiation fees, the nationwide median cost for a new gym member is around $800/year.

That's a lot of cash to be putting out in these times.

If you are the type of individual who can self motivate yourself, consider investing in a few key pieces of equipment or, better yet, put some of your 'must haves' on your holiday wish list and perhaps Santa and Hanukah Harry will help root you on to a healthy and fit 2011!

You can put together a killer at-home gym (for you, or someone you love!) at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you think you cannot get a killer workout in at home, give this a try ...

The CFB 400 Basement (or Backyard) Workout

100 Yard Farmers Walk. 100 yards is equivalent to 300 feet, so plot out a path and you're good to go. I grab my dumbbells and head down to the basement in my apartment building for my Farmers Walk, but this can easily be accomplished using a backyard or driveway.

WARNING: Neighbors may smirk at you while they're sitting on their couches stuffing their mouths with chips and beer. It's all good.

What you'll need: Women - Two 25 lb dumbbells; Men - Two 50 lb dumbbells

If you don't already have dumbbells at home, consider an adjustable dumbbell set. If you're looking for a set that goes up to 40 lbs, you can't beat this deal for under $41 (includes shipping!) - Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set .

There are some very fancy options on the market (PowerBlock, Bowflex) in the $300 - $350 price range that may better meet the needs of those looking for 50 lb dumbbell sets. You may want to consider going with the 40 lb Cap set and looking to pick up 50 lb plates or dumbbells at a local flea market, Craig's list or a local sporting goods store.

100 Step-ups (50 per leg). I use my 18" weight bench for step-ups, but you should start out with a height that is comfortable for you.

What you'll need: Something to step-up on to. If you don't have a weight bench or step, consider a plyo box. There are several good options available through Amazon - Plyo Boxes

100 Yard Power Wheel Crawl. Ok, truth be told, unless you've been working your core for a while, it's unlikely you'll start out with 100 yards. It makes no matter. Start using the Lifeline USA Power Wheel II and build your way up to 100 yards.

What you'll need: A Power Wheel. Free shipping is available through Amazon, so all in the Power Wheel will cost you $58.11.

Jump Rope. 100 jumps.

What you'll need: A jump rope. Any jump rope will do. If you're placing an Amazon offer, you can pick one up for as little as $7.69 - Valeo Deluxe Speed Jump Rope

Complete each exercise and move immediately to the next exercise. Complete a total of 4 sets as quickly as possible. Be certain to time yourself and work on beating your time each time you do this workout.

Train hard; stay strong, and consider giving (and receiving) the gift of fitness this holiday season!



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