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THE FRUIT GUYS make Eating Healthy Nutritious Food Easy and Simple!

Posted Apr 10 2009 8:20am

A couple of months ago, I returned to the "work world", as I call it. After 14 years of staying at home and caring for a family and homeschooling, I put all 5 of my children in public school and landed a job outside of the home.

In my office of 6 people, it didn't take me long to figure out that I was the odd man out when it comes to
eating healthy nutritious food. This hasn't surprised me much, as this is usually the case in my family and church circle as well.

Just about every day as I bring my lunch from home and sometimes even prepare and cook it in our little kitchen at work, I get the same old question, "What is THAT?". The question of course, comes with a look of nearly total disgust.

snacks consist of fruit, veggies, nuts, and the like. I eat about every 2 hours, which really makes them all crazy. Plus, I tote a half gallon jug around full of water so that I remember to drink all day long. Now, none of this is contrived, mind you. It's just the me that's developed over years of integrating new, healthy habits into my lifestyle.

I was pondering the other day that it would be a novel idea to have an abundance of
healthy snacks in the office that people could choose from. You know how vendors love to keep those machines heaped full because the people sitting there on their rumps all day in their chairs at their desks "need" sugar, caffeine (to the max), nutrasweet, msg, artificial color/flavor, etc...
Why isn't there a vendor with an alternative?

Well, no sooner had I been thinking this than I found out that there IS indeed such a vendor.

You absolutely MUST, MUST, MUST go and check out my new friends...

Get this...they deliver a
fresh fruit crate each week to homes and OFFICES nationwide. They get their fruit from locations in your region and the fruit you receive is only 3days off the farm!

There are 3 differently packaged crates to choose from. The prices are affordable and your office folk can finally get an alternative to the junk that surrounds them.

You're probably thinking, "Yeah, but will my office folk actually choose the good stuff?"
I know, I was a little skeptical too. However, I had a deluxe crate delivered to my office. When it arrived, we just happened to be having a meeting in our facility that had just dismissed.
Let me tell you, I was shocked beyond words to see those people wanting a piece of fruit and one to save for the next day! They went "bananas" over
The Fruit Guys. I was so proud and happy. I almost wanted to shout..."WAIT, SAVE SOME FOR ME!". But I just sat back and smiled with much contentment as I saw the power of suggestion working for the cause of nutrition.

The quality and variety of the fruit they sent me just blew me away. Not a bad piece of fruit in the bunch. There were various kinds of apples, pears, oranges. There were even exotic-type fruit that I'd never tried before. Oh I was in heaven!

Okay, I'm not gonna hold you up any longer reading my account...go and click on that link for yourself. Give them a try. You have my word and promise that you'll not be disappointed.

Merry K.
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