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The Flexitarian Diet The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight Be Healthier Prevent Disease and Add Years to Your Life

Posted Nov 30 2010 4:27pm

The Flexitarian Diet The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight Be Healthier Prevent Disease and Add Years to Your Life

“The Flexitarian Diet” is the first book to describe what is potentially the next big diet and nutritional movement – ‘flexitarianism’. The concept has grown so popular that “Bon Apetit” selected ‘flexitarian’ as a hot trend for 2010. A flexitarian diet is part-time vegetarianism but, as the name suggests, flexitarianism is also about flexibility! a healthy, guided, customizable, appetizing, and family-friendly flexibility. “The Flexitarian Diet” begins with a quiz examining three nutrition factors: food preferences and aversions; whether the reader’s current diet is likely to cause shortfalls or overloads in particular nutrients; and, which food habits they most want to change. The answers point to best starting point for that reader. This way, readers make gradual, rational changes one meal, one food group at a time. Each section includes information about how to substitute flexitarian recipes for traditional favorites, tips on how to assure that family members are engaged in the process, suggestions for foods that are easy to incorporate in the average meal, and sneaky ways to hide healthy foods under fabulous taste! There are no strict rules or program guidelines. Readers will learn how to incorporate FlexFoods into their current diet one at a time, and are given the freedom to move through the food categories at their own pace, which increases their chance for success. This is a 5-by-5 Program: 5 main FlexFood categories, 5-Ingredient Recipes, 5 types of Troubleshooter tips, 5 keys to Improve Your FlexLife, and a 5 Week Meal Plan.

4 Stars I agree with the positive comments, but I have a question.
I agree with all of the postive comments that have been made by other reviewers, so I am not going to repeat them. I do have a question, however, and it is the same question that I have for all recipes that incorporate specific amounts of various ingredients. What do you do with the leftover parts? 1/2 of an apple, 3/4 of an avocado, 1/2 of a banana? These foods will not “keep.” I am single and live alone, so I like the fact that the recipes are written for one serving, but what do people do with the leftover ingredients? I don’t want to eat the same meal for 3 days in order to use them up, and I certainly don’t want to throw away perfectly good food. Any suggestions?

5 Stars I love this book
The recipes don’t sound all that great but my family and I tried each one and didn’t hate any!! We love this diet style. Even my meat eating husband prefers this diet to the meat and taters kind.

We feel better, have more energy and eat less.

5 Stars Must buy the Flexitarian Diet book!
Dawn Jackson Blatner is amazing!!!! Order this book now – your life and thinking will change! Can’t wait to what Dawn comes up with next!!

5 Stars Great Book
I am truly enjoying this book. Love these recipes. What a great way to eat.

5 Stars very helpful
This book is great as it has easy recipes with limited ingredients. It also is easy to flex to include meat fro the family but not for me. Absolutely recommend this book for those who like to eat healthy but have limited cooking time.

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