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The Fit Yo Pants Workout You Can Do with a Friend!

Posted Oct 29 2012 12:48pm

Last week, I asked you to commit to moving your body for 20-45 minutes, four times a week.   I don’t care what you do, you just have to move! But if you need some inspiration for that movement, I’m here for you. This is a workout you can do with a friend, so you should have some extra motivation/encouragement! You also won’t need any extra equipment for this workout, so you have no excuse not to try it out.

The Fit Yo Pants Friend Workout

Here’s how it works: You’ll do each of the below movements for a total of five minutes (set a timer on your phone or use a stopwatch). You can break up the five minutes however you want with your friend. You can switch off every minute or every certain number of reps (10 or 20). See what works best! Just make sure you’re working for about the same amount of time as each other. Make sure to cheer each other on and don’t let each other give up! When you’re done, you’ll have worked out for about 20 minutes each, but I bet it won’t feel like that long.

The moves:

5 minutes of mountain climbers

5 minutes of pushups

5 minutes of squats

5 minutes of burpees

5 minutes of situps

5 minutes of lunges (make sure to work evenly on both sides)

5 minutes of running quickly (not quite a sprint). If you don’t have somewhere to run, do jumping jacks instead.

5 minutes of plank

If you try it, let me know how it goes!

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