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The Festival, Part II

Posted Aug 16 2010 1:09pm

Now, I shall address what is most likely on everyone’s mind: the festival FOOD!

I’d like to tell you that I really made a good attempt to stay healthy over the course of the weekend. I’d like to tell you I packed carrot sticks and fruit leathers and nibbled on them slowly while sitting in the grass listening to Al Greene. I’d also like to tell you I drank nothing but water and made sure I stayed incredibly hydrated over the course of the weekend.
But honestly, when you’re at an outdoor music festival and surrounded by thousands of very dirty and very drunk people, all good intentions sort of go out the window. And while I didn’t drink any alcohol, I did fill up on sweet iced tea and icy watermelon agua fresca that was so frothy and sweet that it tasted like a fruit smoothie.

I was totally impressed by the quality of the festival’s food. I don’t know if this was standard, but it was more than a pleasant surprise to see all my favorite Bay Area restaurants set up with booths.

Favorites of the weekend included a shared plate of Farmer Brown’s fried chicken and waffles with mac & cheese and watermelon spears (eaten in the grass for the total festival experience, Almanzo’s Aggie -hand corrupting me one piece of fried chicken at a time)

Another shared plate of Tacolicious carnitas and chicken tacos with onions, cilantro and salsa verde:

I love, love, LOVE Tacolicious. I ate their tacos for the first time last November during the Foodbuzz festival and have been dreaming of them ever since. The tacos themselves are only about six inches long, but the filling (veggie, carnitas or chicken) is just so incredibly flavorful that two small ones are more than enough. You could really taste the beer that the chicken was steamed in, and I especially loved the homemade habanero sauce, which was thick and bright yellow. It almost looked like mango puree!
However, the real winner of the weekend was this bad boy right here.

That my friends, would be a homemade gourmet s’more from the Charles Chocolates stand. Poor Almanzo didn’t even stand a chance with this puppy. We waited in line for almost thirty minutes and pooled the last of our food money together for this and it was more than worth it.

Imagine a thick homemade graham cracker topped with a bar of creamy artisan dark chocolate and an extra large vanilla marshmallow, toasted to absolute perfection. We got it to share (share? What’s that?) but I took the first bite and then went off running into the crowd with it.
Just kidding. I didn’t really run away with it but I thought about it. It was that good. The chocolate was at that perfect point where it was halfway melted but the middle was still a little firm. It got all over my face and up my nose (with the black boogies most likely!) but I didn’t care. No, I didn’t care at all. When you’re faced with absolute s’more perfection, details such as these vanish into thin air and all you can do is just relish the moment and lick the marshmallow fluff off your upper lip with pure triumph and joy.

And then, just like that, it was gone. And I almost cried and begged Almanzo to count our pennies and dimes and stand in line for another, but Phoenix was about to start playing and I got dragged away just as I was about to make a break for it.



So yes, I’m probably in desperate need of a lettuce leaf right now. Or some carrot sticks and almond butter. Maybe a pear or a piece of wheat bread. I don’t know. It was worth it though, I’ll tell you that….and I’d do it all over again if I had the chance, so what kind of person does that make me? A sick person who is completely and totally obsessed with the way a piece of quality chocolate melts onto a homemade cinnamon graham cracker, forming the most perfect puddle of warm chocolate cream, that’s what. There should be help somewhere for people like me. A support group where we write down our feelings and draw pictures of apples and eggs. Instead though, I’ll just go eat a lettuce leaf now and pretend it’s a gourmet vanilla marshmallow. And then I’ll start researching recipes for s’mores pies and s’mores tarts and re-watch my humiliating “how to make a marshmallow” video while I bite my lips in anticipation.
I have issues.

Read Part I of the festival recap here !

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