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The Fat Burning Bible 28 Days of Foods Supplements and Workouts that Help You Lose Weight

Posted Dec 07 2010 5:41am

The Fat Burning Bible 28 Days of Foods Supplements and Workouts that Help You Lose Weight

Ideally, being healthy isn’t just about being a certain weight: It’s about having all the systems of your body performing at optimum levels for as long a time as possible. Mackie Shilstone, in his role as medical advisor to professional athletes, presents a complex plan in The Fat-Burning Bible that incorporates supplements, sleep and stress management alongside the standards of diet and exercise.

The first section of the book helps you establish your honest starting point–it’s easy to be at an acceptable weight but have unacceptably high fat percentages, cholesterol or blood sugar. Establishing this point involves a fair amount of measuring and math, and includes checklists that will help you identity potential concerns like Syndrome X or thyroid problems.

Diet and nutrition follow; the section encompasses fairly complex suggestions on intake percentages as well as simple meal plans and recipes. Portion control figures highly–it’s back to the old ‘four ounces of skinless chicken breast’ as a basic building block. A short section on supplements refers in a general way to recent research, but is more of an introduction than complete system. More time is devoted to the exercise program, but this could be more complex than a typical dieter feels ready for. Clear photos show off specific exercises, but they require regular trips to the gym or a set of dumbbells at home. The last section, which Shilstone suggests photocopying, is a day-to-day journal that allows you to check off goals and note areas for further work. It’s a helpful tool, but also requires a fair amount of dedication.

Ultimately, this book seems designed for those who are already fairly fit, but are hoping to achieve a more ideal version of good health. It could be especially helpful for amateur athletes–if you’re prepping for a marathon or other big event, this might be just the tool you need. Jill Lightner

5 Stars Great Insight, however, do your own Research.
I am a licensed Chiropractor and studied Biochemistry as an undergraduate. Much of what was detailed in this book was a helpful review for me, as well as providing some new insightful information – particularly in reference to the “reverse fat pattern phenomenon” that was mentioned early on in the book. I disagree, however, with the author’s recommendation of a (40% Carbohydrate + 30% Protein) diet. I would decrease the Carbohydrate % and increase the Protein %. If someone were attempting to lose weight, I would not recommend severely restricting their carbohydrate intake – as Dr. Atkins would suggest, but to restrict it to approximately 30%. This is still less than Mackie Shilstone recommends, however. I would also recommend consuming 50% of your diet as Proteins vs. only the 30% that he suggests. I believe that an individual can do so without causing their body to enter “Ketosis” and still lose weight safely at the same time. Other than that, the book is right on. There is so much conflicting information out there that it is refreshing to find a book without all the “fatty” information and just the helpful facts.

2 Stars The Fat Burning Baloney
This book offers nothing new on the weight loss or fat burning front. Simply pages and pages of regergitating whats already “out there”. The book constist of 80% therories and 20% techniques. I was particularly frustrated with the section title 9 Foods That Burn Fat. I read and reread this section and it DOES NOT list ANY foods, let alone 9. The whole chapter consist of calorie counting and “suggested meal plans”, no specfics as title indicates. My whole point was to learn WHICH foods I need to make sure to incorporate into my own meal plan.

The only benefit I got from this book was the excercise plans which included great photos/instructions. Buying an excercise video would be more beneficial. Overall if you are a health novice and have no idea that body fat is bad, starving your self doesnt work,etc. then this is a good buy.

5 Stars Big Easy Fitness
This is such a doable program. The food suggestions are excellent-affordable-easy to prepare. The workout program is fun and offers variety for the bored exerciser. Mackie makes getting healthy easy-even in New Orleans!!

5 Stars Amazing — And I’ve Only Just Begun
I’m not sure why Susan Hogloch would write in the review included in the book description that this approach would appeal mostly to men. I urge you other women reading this out there to disregard that comment. The chapter on supplements which boost metabolism alone is worth the price of this book. I can say that because, to date, that’s the only part of the book I’ve had time to put into practice. Just with the addition of the supplements over the span of about 2 months, I lost 14 pounds. That weight came off in exactly the places he writes about (reverse fat gain syndrome) that often indicates a messed-up metabolism. I can only imagine what will happen once I adjust my exercise regime to his plan and start following the nutritional guidelines. I’m a believer and have been recommending the book to my friends.

5 Stars Exactly as titled
I bought this book after seeing a few bad reviews along with all the good ones. Some critics where fair, there is a lot of things in this book that have been said before, but honestly, when was there a big revolution in getting healthy? The only new things in this category are fad diets and we all know they don’t work. This book is very well written and it is not only written for the grossly overweight who have tried everything, but it is also written for people who are trying to help health issues such as high cholesterol and diabetes. Mr. Shilstone does a very good job explaining why things do and do not work rather than just saying it. All of the food recipes work well and he makes sure to make the point of not leaving large groups of foods off your diet, also everything he suggests is very satisfying food that tastes good too.

The supplements can be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t used to taking lots of pills every day. As for the “9 foods that burn fat” that another reviewer pointed out don’t exist, the actual title of that chapter is “foods that burn fat”, the chapter number is 9, so that is just a misunderstanding. This book is more about fixing your matabolism so that you can lose fat and not lean muscle mass, if that is not your goal, or you are not willing to invest an hour a day to exercise, you will not fully benefit from this book. With that said, do not be scared by the full hour, this is not a “gym rat” type of workout, it is not designed to become a bodybuilder, it is set up to get your muscles into shape to burn excess calories.

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