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The Evolution Of Video Fitness Games?

Posted Dec 06 2010 11:00am
A CFB reader brought EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp
to my attention this weekend, asking my opinion.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of the game until now but after reading the early reviews on Amazon, it does look promising.

According to the EA Sports Website

EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp is a football-based training program that puts you right into the training drills and workouts of the real NFL Training Camp.

Developed in collaboration with NFL strength and conditioning coaches, users will experience the thrill of competition while challenging friends and family in authentic NFL football drills with real NFL players.

EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp includes over 70 drills and eight challenges designed to improve strength, power, balance and agility, the key areas NFL players focus on. Choose your favorite team, step into their stadium and work alongside your favorite players to improve your performance.

EA SPORTS Active NFL Training Camp with Total Body Tracking uses the included heart rate monitor and wireless motion tracking to provide a challenging workout and help deliver measurable results. It will link to the EA SPORTS Active online hub where users can share training results and challenge others to beat their personal best, as well as track progress toward specific fitness goals.

See more Game Videos at .

Conceptually, I really like the idea of seeing the Wii exercise games include sports specific training options. If you like the particular sport it is certainly easy to see how this can be engaging and based on the preview, it looks as if it can be a decent workout.

The options for rolling out additional sports specific workouts seem limitless and it will be interesting to see how the gaming manufacturers take the gaming equipment to the next level.

If anyone has this game, would love to hear your thoughts on the quality of the workout.

Train hard; stay strong.



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