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The Essential EatingWell Cookbook EatingWell

Posted Jun 01 2010 11:20pm

The Essential EatingWell Cookbook EatingWell

A James Beard Award finalist: “User-friendly recipes for people to take nutrition seriously.”—Florence Fabricant, The New York Times This James Beard Award-nominated collection of more than 350 recipe favorites from EatingWell: The Magazine of Food & Health provides a vital transition from short-term diets to long-term health by offering up delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes that appeal to the health-conscious cook without sacrificing taste. Learn the flavors, strategies, and insights to help you keep fit and stay healthy while never boring your palate.

The Essential EatingWell Cookbook includes:

16 color pages

5 Stars Good food receipes!
I have used this book so much in making really good meals for my family. I like the straight forward approach to good food.

5 Stars Fabulous
This is my favorite cookbook. The recipes are yummy and the variety is great. Oh, and there are a ton of recipes too – even healthy desserts. I can’t recommend enough.

5 Stars Company review only
I purchased this product as a Christmas gift so don’t know anything about it. However, the company that it came from was prompt and honest–they rated the condition of the book correctly.

This is a great cookbook. A good start to a healthier lifestyle. I have tried several recipes and was pleasantly surprised at how good they are. My husband liked the South Pacific Shrimp so much I made it twice in 2 weeks. Healthy food can be delicious and flavorful.

The ingredient notes and cooking tips in the back of the book are useful. This is definitely a keeper and will be used often in my kitchen.

5 Stars Tasty Meals, Good Weeknight Options
I’ve owned this cookbook for more than a year now, and can safely say it has become a fixture in my kitchen. I’ve probably prepared over 25 of the meals. I would not say all of those meals have become instant favorites, but many have. I work full time, and many of the meals in this cookbook can be prepared and on the table within an hour, and yet are still tasty, which is very important to me. I’d recommend checking out the magazine first, as it will give folks a sense of the types of meals Eating Well tends to include. However, if you enjoy the magazine, I suspect you would enjoy this cookbook!

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