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The End of Overeating explains a lot about the obesity problem in America!

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:02pm


Dr. David Kessler is everywhere you turn! (I have to say kudos to his publicity firm because they did an incredible job at getting Dr. Kessler in front of as many viewers as possible!)

Lately, I’ve seen him on numerous morning shows sharing his opinions about why America has an obesity epidemic. He explains that a typical American’s diet has been hijacked by fat, sugar and salt! I could not agree more.

Though I have about 20 new health, diet and nutrition books to read, seeing Dr. Kessler on so many shows moved his book, The End of Overeating, to the top of the list.

>>>> Here are some really interesting facts about The End of Overeating:

* You may think it’s “food” you are eating … but it’s not. Most people are eating a sort of “engineered” diet including many processed and junk foods. Since when were humans supposed to eat all that fake food?

* Most people are living off a steady diet of fat, sugar and salt and they don’t even know it.

* That steady diet of fat, sugar and salt makes you crave even more fat, sugar and salt (do you see the nasty pattern here? Can you see the difficulty in getting to a healthy weight with that kind of fake food?)

* Your brain is typically dominated by thoughts of foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt, so you no longer crave low quality foods because you’re hungry, but because you feel you need to have them (Can you see the parallel with the life of an addict? Except here we’re talking about an addiction to junk and processed foods.)

* “Fake” foods have no nutritional value and don’t fill you up, so you are constantly hungry and your body (and mind) is constantly beginning for more of the same.

* That urgent feeling of hunger you get is caused by the low quality foods you eat!

Dr. Kessler gives an excellent explanation about how the conventional food industry is doing its best to keep as many people as possible trapped on this merry-go-round of consuming – and more importantly, craving – more fake food!

I’m not going to suggest that you attempt to read as many nutrition books as I do, because healthy eating is my passion and I’ve been practicing what I preach for decades now. Yes, I’ve faltered (I’m only human!), but for about 80 per cent of my adult life I’ve been on a steady clean and healthy diet. I’ve taken it for granted that everyone saw nutrition the same way I did, but I’m always blown away when I am confronted by peoples’ reaction to my age or when I meet people far younger than I am, find out their age and realize how much older they look because of the difference in diet and lifestyle.

I took so much for granted, but now that I’ve discovered the power of healthy eating and living, I feel compelled to share this gospel with my readers. I don’t want to make healthy eating complicated for you … I want to break it down and make it accessible to as many people as possible.

I would encourage you to read Dr. David Kessler’s The End of Overeating because it explains really well why America has such a huge obesity epidemic. I know many of you are pressed for time because of your busy life, so I will make it my mission to share as much of this philosophy with you here on Eat Smart Age Smart.

Here’s a great video from Dr. David Kessler explaining why so many Americans are obese and unable to drop the extra weight no matter how much willpower they have. I’ve been to the U.S. many times on business trips and it’s always been a huge struggle to find foods that fit my standards — I often undereat because I refuse to eat all that junk food!

>>>>> Video of Dr. David Kessler talking about his new book The End of Overeating:

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