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The Dark Plague Against Eating Healthy Nutritious Food (Part 2)

Posted Apr 30 2008 11:01pm
Today, we continue with the article from health author, Tony Isaacs.

*Article gathered from entitled: THE FOUR HORESEMEN OF THE HEALTH APOCALYPSE.*

Last post we looked at how the food industry has changed for the worst in the last several years.

Now, we're going to get a little quick understanding of the apparent changes in the field of medicine:


For 6000 years, mankind used nature as the primary means of preventing and controlling illness. In the early 1900's, there were more natural health and
homeopathic practitioners, and as many alternate medical schools as there were "germ theory" doctors and universities. But the natural and homeopathic practitioners and schools were persecuted and prosecuted into virtual extinction after the rich and powerful Rockefellers and Carnegies teamed up with the American Medical Society to make germ theory medicine the ONLY acceptable form of medicine and increase profits by weeding out competition by means fair or foul. Such actions continue to this very day, but nowhere in history was the abuse of power and persecution more criminally blatant than during the reign of terror and personal enrichment of Morris Fishbein, who persecuted such leading alternative giants as Royal Raymond Rife and Harry Hoxsey.

More information on the misdeeds of Morris Fishbein can be found in this informative and factual article: ( .

About the same time the AMA was conspiring to eliminate competition, the world pharmaceutical giants, then located in Germany, were conspiring to replace all natural remedies and healing plants with drugs made in their labs. In the early 1900's, these companies formed the I. G. Farben cartel, with the express purpose of seizing control of the world's medical drug trade, and their plans have been successful beyond even their own wildest dreams of greed.

For generations now, we have been inundated with a never ending avalanche of propaganda telling us to "ask our doctors" about the benefits of drugs while warning us away from natural alternatives that are safer, more effective and far less expensive.

For generations, our doctors have been taught at medical schools whose largest source of funding by far is the world pharmaceutical empire. They have been taught precious little about the role diet,
nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and natural plants have to play in prevention and healing. Instead, they have been taught that the way to treat illness and disease is to prescribe medications - medications that just happen to be made by the same people who fund their education. As a result, safe, effective and less expensive natural healing methods, with hundreds and even thousands of years of proven success, has been chastised and made illegal and has been replaced by patentable and hugely profitable synthetics and isolates. An even darker result is the millions of lives and billions of dollars that could be saved if alternative and natural treatments were allowed for cancer, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and a host of other conditions that mainstream "approved" medicine has been unable or unwilling to cure.

From the very first, these lab created drugs have had significant and often life-threatening side effects, and, when effective at all, have mostly managed symptoms instead of effected cures. Often, their prolonged use leads to new illnesses and more medications in a never ending cycle so that by the time a man reaches 65 years of age in the
United States, he takes an average of 15 prescribed and over the counter medications daily - when it all began with one or two conditions that could have been treated naturally. When your only marketplace is the human body, it is a wonderful plan to protect and increase profits, but a horrible one for humanity.


Thank you, Tony. What's amazing to me is that so many people truly don't know this!! The vast majority of Americans, and citizens worldwide are like zombies who's response to
natural, herbal remedies is "Well, I have to ask my Doctor".

I get so saddened by this travesty! I guess it's true that if you tell a lie long enough and often enough it will be believed as the truth.

And, if you want REAL NUTRITION NEWS, don't hesitate to leave me a comment, and I'll get a copy of it in your hands!

Come back for Part 3 of this series on the dark plague against
eating healthy nutritious food.

Merry K.
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