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The Cupcake Battles: The Cupcake Bakery VS Little Cupcakes

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:04pm

The mad about muffins saga had begun when I was 8. I started making snacks for school from branded cake mixes of course. Growing up being obsessed with cartoons and comics (Disney, voltron, transformers, x-men etc..) the nearest choice were the Disney cupcakes that came with edible rice paper stamps with all your favorite characters. I was so proud to bring them to school. It was my form of bling. Oh the joy of childhood!


Years later, a new wave of cupcakes emerged from households into the mainstream. Long gone are the boring muffin standards of just blueberry or choc chip. Since bakeries around the globe such as Magnolia Bakery in New York (which I didn’t get to go too on my last visit..dang!) started popping up like ferrets, there are now more varieties than there are fruits, not to mention taking on a new art form.

Like my Curry Laksa Battles, I’m now on a quest to find the most fl antastic cupcakes- the kind which defies the traditional rules of both presentation and ingredients. The kind that makes your eyes bead wide open when you see them in the window display and am really hoping for some surprises upon the first bite. Am I asking for too much? Am I setting my standards too high? Hell yeah!

And the contenders are…

The Cupcake Bakery

Details: 495 Collins St, Melbourne.

Cupcakes devoured:The Hummingbird. The Cupcake Bakery’s version didn’t reach the heights of a true Hummingbird which is supposed to be moist with banana, pineapple flavours throughout, pecans and topped with a soft, creamy cream cheese icing. It was nice but a little dry, couldn’t taste any banana and the icing was granule. But, having said that, I know this place will solve all the 3pm sugar cravings for the abundance of office workers nearby.


Choc Choc- Again, the buttercream was granule. The cake was good but I expected something better than the sort you’d find in a packet of 4 at Coles. You feel me?

$$$:11.50 for 3 cupcakes.

Food Rehab Verdict:Still sane (good, not great but check it out if you’re in the area) – Orangelight

Little Cupcakes

Details: Shp7/ 250 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000 (03) 9077 0413

Cupcakes devoured:Red Velvet- yes, the cupcake species here are little as the name suggests, but I’m all about the quality than the quantity. This little beast packed a punch. The cake was moist but the cream cheese icing was the real winner with a hint of vanilla throughout.


Teddybear- was also great with a dense chocolately filling topped with buttercream and a tiny teddy.

Jaffa (seasonal) – lucky I was in time for this beauty. The orange teamed up with the decadent chocolate cake was sublime I tell you! It had also been ages since I had Jaffas- they’re so oldskool, I love it. mmmmmm….

As you can see in the picture, I gobbled down many other varieties and had definitely hit my sugar peak for the day…perhaps the week! Help me….someone….anyone?!

$$$: 4.00- 5.00 each

Food Rehab Verdict: The Winner! Sent me to food rehab (book this place now! Wowzer) – Greenlight

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