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The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating

Posted Jun 11 2010 3:35pm

The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating


This uniquely accessible collection draws together the best vegetarian recipes of Italy-350 in all. ‘Pasta and pizza may be Italy’s most eye-catching exports, but it is the country’s varied and sensible use of vegetables that provides the best inspiration for American cooks,’ writes Jack Bishop. ‘Asparagus spears coated with a little olive oil and roasted to intensify their flavor; thick slices of country bread grilled over an open fire and topped with diced tomatoes and shredded basil from the garden; or a fragrant stew with fennel and peas-Italians enjoy these dishes because of what they do contain, not what they don’t.’ Many of the recipes were gathered by Bishop during extensive travels throughout Italy. Some are family favorites, adapted from those of his Italian grandmother. All deliver perfect results with a minimum of effort. Serving suggestions for each recipe make planning vegetarian meals easy.

5 Stars Yummy
Although I don’t eat much cheese, I just made the italian shells and cheese from pg. 116. It was really easy even though I substituted the heavy cream with homemade cream made from rice milk, cashews and almonds. Didn’t have the right cheese so I used white cheddar and only had whole wheat shells. It was great. I like the ease of the recipes and the recommendations for side dishes to go along side the main dish. It does have a few pictures, but not many.

5 Stars This cookbook rocks!!!
I bought this about 10 years ago on a whim at the bookstore and it has been my “go to” cookbook ever since. I have yet to make a bad meal from any recipe in this cookbook. My husband is not a veggi like me but loves everything I have whipped up for dinner from this book. We have been married 5 years so he has tasted a lot of the recipes. Everything is wonderfull and most are pretty simple. Even the baked chickpeas are divine and they have a total of 4 ingredients! We now have a baby and I am still able to make dinner from this book, most recipes are not overly time consuming. SOOOO TASTEY!! best cookbook I have by a long shot!

5 Stars Super Sweet Cookbook
If it weren’t for Jack Bishop’s amazingly awe inspiring cookbooks, I’d probably give up on cooking and eat McDonald’s every night until I succumbed to misery and an early death. For realsies people, this guy is just superb at putting together cookbooks. He sticks mainly to whole foods and is a supporter of fresh herbs and farmers markets and produce, produce, produce(!), but he never pushes his dietary choices in the much too common fashion of many vegetarian/vegan/raw food chefs. Nor does he plaster photos of himself throughout his book. The guy just wins points left and right for being capable of creating a tome of tasty treasures that I’d be willing to buy for friends and family members alike. It’s true, some of the dishes can be time consuming, but many of them are fairly quick. Face it folks, if you want home-made ravioli you’re going to have to work for it! Oh Mr. Bishop, never again shall I buy marinara sauce in a jar… I hang my head low and try to forget the times when I was a child and believed that all pizza must be slathered with marinara and roughly nine pounds of mozzarella.

5 Stars Fabulous.
Can’t recommend highly enough for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. I just made his ricotta-basil tart recipe, and it’s just about the best thing in the world — good hot, good cold, savory, with a little honey drizzled… okay, yeah, I drooled a little on my computer. Seriously — the best thing about Italian cooking are fresh, simple ingredients combined in wonderful ways. His recipes are easy to follow, I have NEVER made better tart crusts than when I follow his steps, and the flavors do not disappoint.

2 Stars Not for vegans!
I have tried many recipes in this book and I have not found a single one that I will make again. In all cases the taste was extremely bland. This is surprising in view of the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. I believe one reason is that I only make vegan food, and therefore has to limit my choice to the few recipes without cheese/butter, or skip the cheese/butter. The problem seems to be that the recipes are too simple. Compared with Madison’s cookbook Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, which is THE cookbook for vegetarians, the reciepes are definitely simpler (fewer ingredients, fewer steps in the preparation). That makes them easy to make but the resulting taste is just bland. But why waste life making boring food? Good vegetarian cooking is complex.

Unfortunately, I have not found any good vegan italian cookbook. In fact the best vegan italian recipes I have found in Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, although this is not even a vegetarian cookbook.

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